Men's Health

Men's Health

Get the comprehensive, expert care you need for a wide range of urologic issues that can affect your overall well-being, as well as specific men’s health concerns that can interfere with relationships, work performance and your enjoyment of life.

Personalized Men’s Health Care Near You

Wherever you live in the Oklahoma City metro or across the region, you’ll appreciate easy access to the highly trained urologists and urologic specialists at OU Health’s convenient locations near you. You’ll become part of an expert urology team using evidence-based medicine that focuses on your needs. And you’ll work with our experienced urologists to develop an individual treatment plan that addresses your specific condition.

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Call a convenient OU Health urology location near you to request your men’s health appointment with an expert urologist or urologic specialist.

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Advanced Urology & Men’s Health Services

Take advantage of OU Health’s extensive urology services, including a kidney stone program and a program for urologic reconstruction, incontinence and neurogenic bladder that treats urethral stricture disease, prostate cancer complications, neurogenic bladder issues and more.

Innovative Treatments for Men’s Health Conditions

At OU Health, you also gain access to innovative treatments and advanced care for a wide range of men’s health issues, including:

Get more information about many of these men’s health conditions below.

Treatments for Prostate Cancer Complications

If you experience urinary issues, scarring or complications from radiation therapy or from prostate cancer surgery, although relatively rare, you’ll want to talk with the expert urologists and urologic surgeons at OU Health about your situation and options.

  • Male incontinence – Urinary leakage related to muscles damaged from prostate-related treatments; options may include:
    • Male sling – For mild leakage; small incision under scrotum provides access to wrap sling around urethral area for increased resistance
    • Adjustable balloon – Minimally invasive, X-ray-guided procedure to place small adjustable balloon device (UroMedica’s ProACT) in position of removed prostate to add resistance; tiny ports within scrotum allow adjustment based on degree of incontinence
    • Artificial urinary sphincter – Placement of Boston Scientific AMS 800 device, the current gold standard for moderate to severe urinary stress incontinence; 1-2 small incisions under or through scrotum to place cuff around urethra for stable compression to minimize leakage; tiny control pump and reservoir inside scrotum allows fluid movement from cuff for voiding; typical hospital stay of less than one day
  • Bladder neck contractures – Scarring within the prostate area that creates difficulty with urination following prostate surgery or radiation; diagnosed by looking inside the bladder with cystoscopy procedure; treatment may include:
    • Transurethral incision of bladder neck (TUIBNC) to open the area; procedure may be repeated or augmented with medication injections for recurring issue
    • Urinary diversion for rare instances; requires complete bladder removal or bladder neck reconstruction surgery

Team-Based Approach to Expert Care for You

While you work directly with an expert OU Health urologist, you’re supported by a comprehensive team of sub-specialty experts that are trained in your specific condition, including fellowship-trained urethral reconstruction surgeons, and specialists from other healthcare disciplines.

No matter what your situation or choice of treatment options, including potential surgical correction, you benefit from the exceptional evidence-based team approach to care at OU Health. Our collaborative methods bring together multiple specialists and scientific evidence from across medical fields to develop your treatment plan and deliver the best possible care to meet your needs.

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