OU Health Student Learners

As a student learner at OU Health, you benefit from the education and opportunities that only an academic health system can provide. As Oklahoma’s only comprehensive academic health system, and with OU Health’s academic partner, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, students can grow and learn in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings, including student practicums, internships and residencies and more. You also help fulfill an important component of our mission to educate future healthcare professionals from across Oklahoma and beyond.

Apply, Clear, Experience (ACE)

When you choose to learn and grow at OU Health, you do so alongside professionals who are experts in their field and whose mission is to improve the lives of all Oklahomans. Each student program has a process to ensure more streamlined application, clearance and experience (ACE) while you learn at OU Health.

The ACE model is in place to provide transparency on the steps to complete an experience at OU Health. Transparency to include the location to apply, requirements to clear, and expectations during the educational experience.

The Clear phase of this process will be completed within an application called SEC3URE, please follow the steps in the SEC3URE Onboarding Guide. This guide will walk you through step by step how to register an account and complete all outstanding requirements in order to be Cleared for your Student Shadow Experience.

Non-OUHSC Student Shadowing at OU Health

This Application is the first step in a Shadow Experience Journey at OU Health. OU Health is excited to be a choice in your educational journey.

Shadow Experience is for a hands off experience with clinical and/or non-clinical staff and not for course credit. The experience is only eligible for a period of up to seven (7) consecutive calendar days per academic semester. If this is the experience you are looking please continue, and if this does not describe what you're looking for please visit the OU Health Student Learners website for available options.

OU Health is able to provide Shadow Experiences to those that are currently enrolled or enrolling in a healthcare related field. The Student Learner must also be 18 years or older. If the Student Learner is also a current employee, approval will also be required from the Directors of both the current position and the desired shadow area.

Please also note, it is a prerequisite that all students have a designated preceptor prior to the application process.

If you are a Licensed Doctor seeking to Observe a fellow Licensed Doctor, please contact our credentialing team at OUMSCredentialing@OUHealth.com.

Apply For Non-OUHSc Student shadowing

Non-OUHSC Student Practicums at OU Health

This Application is the first step in a Practicum Experience Journey at OU Health. OU Health is excited to be a choice in your educational journey. This is intended for students actively enrolled at Partner Schools outside of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), who already has a designated OU Health preceptor for their practicum experience.

Student Practicum is for a hands on experience with clinical and/or non-clinical staff to receive course credit. To receive credit there MUST be an active affiliation agreement with your current institution.

Please also note, it is a prerequisite that all students have a designated preceptor prior to the application process.

Apply for non-OUHSC Student practicums

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Learning

At the University of Oklahoma – one of only a few universities in the United States to offer all seven professional health sciences colleges – students and faculty work together across disciplines in pursuit of innovative research and the best in patient care. Learn more about OU Health Sciences Center learning opportunities.

Current OUHSC students interested in beginning their OU Health shadow and practicum experience will reach out to their colleges’ Student Affairs for any questions regarding shadowing or practicums. OUHSC colleges’ Student Affairs will now serve as the central point for your education experience.

Learn More about OUHSC learning

Volunteer at OU Health

Interested in being part of the mission but not as part of a learner experience? Get involved at OU Health as a volunteer at one of our hospitals or facilities in the Oklahoma City metro, including OU Health University of Oklahoma Medical Center, OU Health Edmond Medical Center, Oklahoma Children’s Hospital and OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center.

Volunteer at OU Health Volunteer at Oklahoma Children's Hospital

Affiliation Agreement Application

Request for New, Amended, or Revised Academic Program Affiliation Agreements. Must be submitted by OU Health Leaders (Manager and Above). The Affiliation Agreement Application is designed to be the first step of initiating, amending, or renewing an agreement to allow educational opportunity for students at OU Health. This process is applicable in situations such as: clinical experiences, unpaid internship programs, or student assignment at OU Health. This cannot be submitted by a requesting student, institution, or outside party but must be submitted by a leader of the department the degree path has correlation.

Apply For Affiliation Agreements

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