Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Volunteers

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Volunteers

Our volunteers help kids feel like kids - not patients.

There are many reasons you or a loved one should consider volunteering at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health. You might be a former patient who wants to give back, or a parent who remembers what it’s like to have a child in the hospital. Or, you just might love helping kids. No matter the reason, our volunteers help make the experience in our clinics and hospitals feel more normal. You might help out on special events, and be there for key milestones. You make a difference in the lives of our kids by just giving your time. There are countless ways you can give back to patients and families at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. You can also find frequently asked questions about volunteering as well as the history of our volunteers .

Currently, our main volunteer schedule options are Monday through Friday during office hours, so that staff may be able to assist with any needs. Please, continue to check back for updates as our program will flex and change in order to meet patient and family needs. We are grateful for the volunteers helping us along the way and look forward to adding new members to our team.

Volunteer Placement Opportunities

Below is a list of volunteer placements. You may find a more up to date list of current volunteer needs on our volunteer application.

Activity Cart: The Activity Cart has lots of crafts and projects to keep little hands and minds busy while spending time in the hospital. Volunteers are responsible for organizing, stocking and building activity bags, as well as, getting a chance to see faces light up as you deliver a little something to brighten a patient's day. If you like organizing and are detail oriented, this role is for you!

Art Therapy: Art Volunteers help with prepping art materials and directly supporting patient creativity. Volunteers can put together art kits, prep art projects, clean supplies and provide fun and educational art activities to assigned patients. If you enjoy organizing, being creative and engaging others in art, this experience is for you!

Baby Buddy: Baby Buddy Volunteers will float around on multiple floors of the hospital giving their attention to the babies who could use some interaction. Volunteers can hold, rock, read to and comfort the babies they are assigned. If you are great with little ones, this is for you! *limited spaces available*

Bingo: Bingo Volunteers are responsible for handing out invites to designated patients and running/operating Bingo on “In The Zone TV” that is broadcasted through the hospital. If you are good on camera and have funny jokes and facts up your sleeve, this is the perfect fit!

Book Cart: The book cart is a library on wheels. This volunteer will take our mobile library to multiple floors of the hospital to allow patients and family members the opportunity to pick out a book to keep them busy while spending time here. If you are good at selecting books, the book cart is for you!

Cuddler: Cuddlers are trained on how to hold and comfort babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Volunteers perform a variety of duties including holding, reading, swaddling, comforting, etc. If you have a special place in your heart for babies in the NICU, this role would be a perfect fit!

Family Resource Center: Volunteers have the opportunity to assist and collaborate with the Family Resource Center (FRC) in helping families with non-clinical needs, family-centered events, and bringing resources to guests throughout the hospital with the FRC Comfort Cart. If you are a problem-solver and enjoy getting to know the families in the hospital, this role is for you!

Music Therapy: Music Therapy Volunteers have the opportunity to interact with our patients or to help with behind-the-scene tasks. Volunteers can help with cleaning instruments and supplies to keep our patients safe, teaching music lessons (guitar or piano), or leading normalized music activities. There are also opportunities for musicians to provide performances for patients, families and staff in common areas. This opportunity is best for those who are consistent, flexible & interested in providing support to a licensed Music Therapist.

Outpatient Surgery: Outpatient Surgery Volunteers have the opportunity to hang out with patients while they are waiting to be taken to surgery. Volunteers will have a variety of crafts, games and toys to offer the patient to help take their mind off of their upcoming surgery. If you are good at connecting with children or have a fun talent that would bring a bright light, this is a great fit!

Patient Pal: Patient Pal’s are responsible for creating a fun environment for patients throughout the hospital. Volunteers interact with patients in multiple different ways including, taking patients to The Child Life Zone, offering caregivers a break, etc. Patient Pal’s have access to games, crafts and other activities. If you are interested in one-on-one interactions with patients, this role is for you!

Pet Therapy: Pet Therapy dogs and their humans visit our patients at bedside, are included in special events, and help support our hospital staff.In order to be eligible to be a Pet Therapy Volunteer, your dog must have completed their Pet Therapy certification from an accredited and recognized institution (including, but not limited to, Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Therapy Dogs International, HALO, etc.), be insured, and have a calm demeanor in a highly stimulating environment.

Surgery Waiting: Volunteers are responsible for ushering families to and from the surgery waiting room. Volunteer must be able to work with nurses and other medical personnel, in addition to being able to answer general questions about the hospital. If you are independent and able to read needs of others well, this role is for you!

Toy Cart: Think “Santa” all year round and deliver a bag full of goodies to each new patient in the hospital. This role is a good fit for someone who is good at selecting age appropriate items for children with minimal information provided and who would like the opportunity see and hear the joy they bring from one small gift.

Tutor: Volunteers are responsible for helping our kids stay on track academically during their stay in the hospital by offering them assistance on school work provided by their home school. If you are good at teaching others or have experience in the educational world, this role is for you!

Wayfinder: Wayfinding volunteers are an important role to all visitors at the hospital. Volunteers assist in helping visitors feel comfortable with navigating the hospital. If you are good with directions and are confident in approaching others when they need help, this role is for you!

Zone: The Zone is the largest play space in the hospital that promotes age-appropriate play. The goal is to help kids feel like kids! Zone attendance is unpredictable, so while your main job would be play, if we aren’t busy there might be other jobs or tasks we cross-train you on to make good use of your time (activity bag making, organizing, etc.). If you have a go with the flow personality, this position is for you!

Volunteer Requirements

  • Commit to one, 3 hour shift a week for a minimum of 6 months (scheduled on the same day/time each week)
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Complete onboarding which includes: application, interview, drug test, background check, health screen, orientation and training sessions, etc.
  • Must receive annual Flu Vaccine
  • One time $20 onboarding fee that includes a volunteer shirt.

Volunteer Application

  • Our full-time adult volunteer application will remain open throughout the year with the exclusion of mid-October through January to ensure that our staff and volunteers can better serve our patients and families during the holiday season.
  • Mandatory volunteer orientation will happen four times a year (April, June, August and October). You are required attend the orientation that directly follows your interview with a staff member. Exact dates will be communicated following the interview.
  • If you have any questions in regards to volunteer at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, please contact: ochvolunteers@ouhealth.com.
  • Applications are currently closed. Please continue to check the website for updates.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Parking voucher
  • Meal/drink vouchers
  • Developing new skills
  • 25% discount in Red Shelf Gift Shop
  • Building a better future for yourself, others and the community

“Volunteering at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital is the best three hours of my week; it nourishes my soul. I have the privilege of holding babies who are in an unhealthy season of life and as I stare into their eyes, I witness raw strength, courage, hope, and love in its true and purest form.” — RussAnn, Baby Buddy