Donate or Start a Drive

Donate or Start a Drive

Donate Toys or Gifts (Gifts-in-Kind)

Our kids and families are always in need of toys, games and activities...donations help support our beloved Toy Cart program, extend activities to waiting rooms and refresh supplies in playrooms and The Zone. Birthdays and holidays are a little brighter and we can keep little hands occupied with developmentally appropriate play. We rely on our community to help, so we've made giving easy with our online wish lists.

We love greeting and thanking our donors in person but we know you're busy. Use our Amazon wish list to find the most updated needs for our kids and families, and send gifts our way with just a click.

However you choose to give, please let us know that you're sending something special by e-mailing us at This helps us check for packages, say thanks, share the impact of your gift and provide you with a tax receipt.

Start a Drive

Generous businesses have created amazing team drives, bringing in new toys and games and raising funds with easy online peer-to-peer donation tools. Schools and families often request donations instead of gifts for special celebrations. We love to celebrate when kids give to kids, so we've created the Kids Club. Encouraging these future philanthropists and future volunteers to take action at an early age promotes virtues like generosity, kindness and charity. Kids Club members who fundraise or do a toy drive will get a special thank you gift - and we will share their inspiring stories.

Frequently, we are asked, "What do you need most?" Our top needs remain consistent throughout the year: all plastic baby toys like rattles and teethers, all plastic toddler toys, Lego sets of all sizes and teen art supplies and detailed design coloring books.

If you want to help but don't have the time to start a drive, make a gift to our Volunteers and Toy Cart program - we will buy what's most needed to make sure kids can feel like kids, when they need it most.

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Let us know that you're sending something special by emailing us at – this helps us check for packages, gives us a way to say thanks, and to provide you with a tax receipt.