At Home Volunteers

At Home Volunteers

We are so thankful for all of our volunteers and recognize not everyone has the time to come volunteer with us in person at the hospital. See below for a number of ways you can help kids be kids from outside our hospital walls.

Toy Drives

Hosting a toy drive or collecting high needs items is a great way to support the children at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. These items keep our play rooms full of fun options and keep our Toy Cart stocked so that each new patient admitted to our hospital reserves a fun surprise on their first day here. These items are also used by our Child Life staff for therapeutic purposes and to help distract a child during a procedure- encouraging focus and relaxation during what otherwise could be a scary time.

The best way to meet our exact needs is to visit our Amazon Wish List by click here. You can purchase from the wish list and ship directly to the hospital or to your home. You can also use this list if you choose to go shopping.

Top Needs:

  • Adult Coloring and Activity Books
  • Teen Items
  • Infant/Toddler Toys
  • Action Figure

General Guidelines:

  • New/unused
  • No religious or political items
  • Smoke free
  • In order to maintain privacy and limit germs in the hospital, full time volunteers and staff distribute all donated items to the children and families
  • To see a general shopping/idea list please contact Belinda Anderson (

Before hosting a drive or creating handmade items, please contact Belinda Anderson ( to make sure you have the most up to date information and to ensure we can get you a tax receipt since all items donated are tax deductible.


Handmade items are such a great way to make our patients at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital feel loved and special. We cannot thank you enough for donating your lovely handmade items to us. Below are guidelines to help us ensure your donation can be used for our patients. While these guidelines are continuously monitored, it is still the best practice to let us know before you sew. This allows us the opportunity to make sure you have the most up to date information on what our top needs are and provide you with the recognition you deserve. There is no current need for hats or beanies at this time.


Pillowcases are given out every day to newly admitted patients. This provides the opportunity to really brighten up the patient’s room during their stay.

General Guidelines:

  • Standard size pillow cases
  • Bright, fun colors and patterns for both girls and boys ages 2-21
  • Individually package pillow cases in clear bag
  • Smoke free
  • Click here for further guidelines and ideas on fabrics that our patients LOVE

Blankets and Quilts

Handing out blankets to our patients is another way we love to make their room feel more comfortable during their stay at the hospital. This provides the opportunity to not only bright up their room but help keep them warm and comfortable in their rooms.

General Guidelines

  • Soft fabric
  • Bright, fun colors and patterns for both girls and boys ages 2-21
  • New and unused
  • Smoke free
  • Click here for further guidelines and ideas on fabrics that our patients LOVE
  • ** Currently our highest need is for the following size blankets:
    • Twin (66 x 90 inches)
    • Receiving (28 x 34 inches or 30 x 30 inches)

Encouragement Cards

Encouragement cards are a great addition to our toy cart bags that are delivered every new admission to the hospital. These are also a great thing for community groups to do that cannot come to the hospital and want to be a bright light to our patients here at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

Guidelines for Encouragement Cards

  • Store bought or handmade
  • Bright, colorful, happy
  • No inappropriate words or pictures
  • No religious or political cards
  • No personal information (volunteer or patient) on the card (only first names)
  • No food/candy attached to cards
  • Please refrain from using “get well soon” as this might not be appropriate for all families
  • All holiday cards must be received by the hospital no later than 5 days in advance of the holiday to ensure delivery to patients

Example of Appropriate Phrases

  • “Thinking about you”
  • “Have a great day”
  • “Happy Holidays”
  • “I believe in you”
  • “You are awesome”/ “You are special”/ “You Rock”
  • Non-religious quotes
  • Appropriate drawings/stickers

Activity Bags

At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital one of our main goals is to be inclusive of all patients and their needs during their stay. Our activity bags were developed to make sure we meet the needs of these patients that cannot attend events outside of their room but would still love something fun to do. These bags can range from grab and go sensory bags to craft-making and art kits. These are great for community groups who would like to giveback but cannot come to the hospital.

New Clothing Drives

New and unused clothing is a current need here at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. When donating clothing items, please think of jammies, t-shirts and joggers so our patients can be as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. No dressy items please.

Guidelines For Clothing Donations:

  • All clothing must be new/unused
  • Gender neutral/unisex is preferred
  • Sizes Adult S-XXL are our highest needs
  • Visit our Amazon Family Support List here to easily donate items or see what items would be most beneficial to our patients here at the hospital