Mental Health Care for Oklahoma's Children

Mental Health Care for Oklahoma's Children

Today’s children will build and shape the future of Oklahoma. To reach their potential, they need the best possible healthcare, including inpatient care and mental health programs. The gap for children’s mental health affects everyone in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma’s Children’s Hospital OU Health Behavioral Health Center will help to create new pathways to well-being for Oklahoma’s most vulnerable children. We invite you to join us in our mission to foster mental health care for our state’s most precious resources.

Opening in Winter 2026

Help turn children’s dreams into reality and create a bright future for all Oklahomans. Support the OU Health Behavioral Health Center at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

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Empowering a Bright Future for Oklahoma's Children

The future of Oklahoma lies in the hands of our young ones. The growing need for superior mental health care, especially outpatient services, affects children and families of every background and economic standing across the state.

The Oklahoma’s Children’s Hospital OU Health Behavioral Health Center creates a path to mental well-being with compassion and innovation to ensure our most vulnerable children gain the skills to process and overcome obstacles while learning to thrive. Your contribution can aid their journey to the most advance health care possible.

Mental Health Crisis in Oklahoma & the Nation

Many Oklahoma kids live in crisis and face many mental health problems. Today, one in five children struggle to cope with the challenges of mental or behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, post-traumatic stress and other serious conditions. Learn more about the mental health crisis in Oklahoma.

Support our Mission for Mental Health Care

OU Health, the only freestanding children’s hospital in Oklahoma, recognizes the call to care for and treat kids’ most complex health challenges. Our experts thrive at the crossroads of innovation and evidence-based care. We believe will radically improve treatment and care coordination of mental and behavioral health conditions in children and adolescents throughout Oklahoma. Learn more about our mission for mental health care.

New Behavioral Health Center Facility

The new three-story Behavioral Health Center, located on the OU Health campus in Oklahoma City, will have two dedicated floors for inpatient care and services. Learn more about the new state-of-the-art Behavioral Health Center facility.

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Oklahoma Children’s Hospital provides world-class care to every child, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, but we need your help to continue our groundbreaking efforts for mental health. Your contribution, in any amount, makes all the difference to our non-profit hospital – and ensures that Oklahoma’s children always receive innovative, family-centered, compassionate mental health care. Find out how you can support the Behavioral Health Center.