Our Philanthropic Priorities

Our Philanthropic Priorities

At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, our mission is leading health care – in patient care, education and research. As Oklahoma’s only research based academic healthcare centers, our combined efforts improve the lives of all children through transformational philanthropy.

Donations of all sizes power every lifesaving treatment and game-changing discovery found here for our tiniest patients. Your gift here lifts the entire family, provides life-saving equipment in world-class facilities and invests in research to impact future generations. Together, we’re leading health care for Oklahomans.

Our priorities center around funding for child-specific causes: program and facility enhancements, new equipment, extended training and education for care teams, and special projects of the system. Particular areas of philanthropic focus include: pediatrics, oncology, cardiology, neurology and NICU.

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Provide our patients and our community with much-needed programs and services that lead to more vibrant futures. Join our mission to give every child a healthy future.

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After having a baby, the last thing a family wants to hear is their newborn has a serious condition necessitating an extended stay in the hospital. But with the highest level NICU in Oklahoma, we are equipped to take the most serious neonatal cases in the state. And our ability to have successful outcomes is just beginning. Give Now

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We’re shattering the bounds of what’s possible in cardiac care for children with a focus on diagnosing, preventing and treating disorders and illnesses affecting the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Give Now

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From head trauma and spinal cord injuries to strokes, brain tumors, aneurysms, seizures, neuromuscular disorders and migraines, our specialized physicians have the experience, expertise, and technology to ensure positive outcomes and improve quality of life. And they have big dreams to do more. Give Now

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Our teams at the Jimmy Everest Cancer Center are using the latest innovations to fight and eliminate cancer through therapies, equipment and research. Give Now

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Laughter and happiness promote healing of the mind and body. By providing patients with opportunities for normal play, creative self-expression and peer interaction, Child Life reduces anxiety and enhances the patient and parent experience at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. Your philanthropic support of Child Life, Music and Art Therapy, our "Paws for Purpose" dogs and other programs ensure our patients and families continue to benefit from therapeutic play activities that reduce anxiety and promote healing. Give Now