OU Health Contingent Workers

Welcome to the contingent worker process at OU Health. Our contingent workers provide needed support for great patient outcomes, and we seek to onboard and work with our contingent workforce in a way that is effective, compliant and easy-to-understand. Approved vendors for contingent workers will begin onboarding new contingent workers by completing the process found on this site. Once cleared to work, contingent workers at OU Health will be required to come onsite their first day and be a part of the OU Health RISE Orientation. There will also be requirements to complete Initial and Annual Training via HealthStream, our online learning management system through the workers time at OU Health.

Contingent Worker Submission and Occupational Health Form: https://form.asana.com/?k=1AZ70dpzAo8wqYmPl-srGg&d=1200645316080492

All terminations and changes must be submitted in Workday through the appropriate processes by the OU Health leader. This includes position changes, terminations, FTE changes, certification uploads, etc.

To create a Requisition, please reference this Quick Reference Guide in Workday. This must be completed by a manager or above in Workday.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My company is not listed on the Onboarding Submission form. What do I need to do?
    1. Please make sure there is an active agreement with OU Medicine, Inc. DBA OU Health, W-9 remitted, and current Certificate of Insurance with the following details:
      1. Certificates of Insurance: Professional Liability $1M/$3M AND Workers Compensation
      2. Certificate Holder: OU Medicine, Inc. DBA OU Health
      3. Address: 711 Stanton L. Young, Ste 103, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
      4. Email: ContractWorkers@OUHealth.com
  2. What is meant by application and where should the applications be kept?
    1. The Contingent Workers application should be the application that your employee filled out when they applied for the position. It should include their work history including previous information regarding terminations, dismissals, etc. The applications should be kept in the company’s employees’ files so that when audits are conducted, the information can be readily accessed.
  3. What should be included in the drug screening?
    1. OUH requires a 10 panel drug screen to include: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates (to include Synthetic Opiates), Propoxyphene, Benzodiazepines, Methaqualone, Methadone, Phencyclidine, and Barbiturates.
  4. What if my company does not have a job description?
    1. The job description must include minimum qualifications, competencies required (must be consistent with those of employed staff if similar position), and delineation of scope to include: hospital setting, setting specific, permitted task/level of supervision, and the scope appropriate to licensure and/or competence.
  5. What is a scope of practice? What is needed for the Delineation of Scope of Practice (Clinical Contingent Workers only)?
    1. It is important that companies and Contingent Workers know their scope of practice. Workers should only operate within their scope of practice to ensure patient safety. The scope of practice deals with workers only providing patient care that they are licensed and/or certified to perform. If a Clinical Contingent Worker does not have a license or certification, then their scope of practice involves the care that they are competent and legally able to perform.
    2. The delineation of scope of practice should be included in the job description. It should cover the scope of practice and delineate the work that the worker may perform in the hospital setting, other specific settings (i.e. department assigned in hospital, other departments in hospital, etc.), their permitted task/level of supervision, and their scope appropriate to licensure and/or competence.
  6. Why do you need insurance verifications? What do we do if we do not provide insurance for our employees?
    1. It is a requirement of OUH that all companies must provide professional/general liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance for their employees that work in our facilities. If you are exempt from providing workers' compensation insurance, then you must send in the necessary paperwork to OUH for your company file.
  7. What if my company don’t have Professional Liability?
    1. OUH will accept General Liability in lieu of Professional Liability, if Professional Liability is not applicable for Contract Company’s industry.
  8. What is the OIG/GSA check? How do I do the initial OIG/GSA check?
    1. This requirement is so that Contingent Workers are screened through the OIG (Office of Inspector General) and GSA (Excluded Parties Listing System) checklists before onboarding with OUH. The check verifies that the Contingent Workers are not on either of the government agency lists. The appearance of a Contingent Worker’s name or a Contract Company on one of these lists will prohibit them from working at OUH.
    2. The GSA List and the OIG Sanction Report are on the Internet in searchable formats at, respectively:
      1. https://sam.gov/content/home
      2. https://exclusions.oig.hhs.gov/
    3. Alternatively, both lists may be searched simultaneously at: http://app.sanctioncheck.com. This is the recommended method of conducting ineligible person searches.
  9. What is the deadline to submit documents to onboard a Contingent Worker with OUH?
    1. Documents must be submitted three business days before the intended start date, by 9am. This, of course, must align with the start dates as appropriate for hospital, clinic, department, or cost center orientation.
    2. If complete paperwork is not remitted by 9am in full, OU Health HR reserves the right to reject in full and require a full resubmission. Resubmission will require the same submission timeline as above.
  10. What Health screenings are required for Onsite Workers prior to start with OUH?
    1. Current Hepatitis B Vaccine or a current record of declination,
    2. Current evidence and results of TB testing within the last year, or, if past positive, a negative chest x-ray within the past 2 years,
    3. Documentation of Tdap vaccination,
    4. Documentation of 2 MMR vaccinations, or positive lab titers for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella,
    5. Documentation of 2 Varicella vaccinations or positive lab titer for Varicella.
    6. Documentation of influenza vaccination or declination during recognized flu season November 1- March 31* annually.
    7. Documentation of complete COVID-19 series vaccination or declination.
  11. What if my Onsite Worker had a negative immune titer for MMR or Varicella? Do they need to wait until they have both immunizations to start?
    1. No, but please complete the steps below:
      1. Titer completed during onboarding process showing negative immunity,
      2. First immunization (MMR and/or Varicella) was obtained before submitting for onboarding, and
      3. Disclosed that immunization is not complete when submitting for onboarding to allow the team to hold accountability for completion.
      4. Second immunization is reported to OU Health Contract Workers Onboarding upon completion within 30 days of start.
  12. Who is required to have immunizations?
    1. By policy definition, anyone who will step foot on OU Health’s campus for any minute of any day.
  13. What do we do if our Contingent Worker is allergic to Tdap?
    1. OUH will require documentation to be held by Contract Company from prior allergic reaction in the event of an audit, etc.
    2. When onboarding, this information must be disclosed to OUH Contract Workers Onboarding to allow appropriate OU Health Medical Director to determine if this may be accepted for the Contingent Worker’s position.
  14. What happens if my Contingent Worker’s required certification or license expires?
    1. It is the Contract Company’s responsibility to track required certifications and licenses expiration dates. If the Contingent Worker’s required license or certification expires, the Contingent Worker is not allowed to work past midnight the day of expiration and contract would end.
  15. What happens if my Contingent Worker is terminated due to a compliance item and would like to re-contract back to OU Health?
    1. Once contract is terminated, the Contingent Worker must be submitted in full like a new Contingent Worker to OU Health.
  16. How does my Contingent Worker get on HealthStream?
    1. Please share this document/information with them.
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