Federal False Claims Reporting

There is a federal False Claims Act, and there are also Oklahoma laws that address fraud and abuse in the state Medicaid program. Under the federal False Claims Act, any person or entity that knowingly submits a false or fraudulent claim for payment of United States Government funds is liable for significant penalties and fines. The Oklahoma Medicaid False Claims Act mirrors the federal False Claims Act with regard to fraudulent claims from the State of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has also adopted a generally applicable Medicaid anti-fraud statute that makes it unlawful for a person to submit false and fraudulent claims to the Oklahoma Medicaid program. Violations of the statute are both civil and criminal offenses and are punishable by imprisonment and significant monetary penalties.

We take issues regarding false claims and fraud and abuse seriously. We encourages all employees, management, and contractors or agents of our hospitals to be aware of the laws regarding fraud and abuse and false claims and to identify and resolve any issues immediately. Issues are resolved fastest and most effectively when given prompt attention at the local level. Please report any false claims concerns to the Ethics Hotline at 1-833-875-7677 or www.oumedicine.ethicspoint.com

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