Male-Factor Infertility

Male-Factor Infertility

As many as 15 percent of couples experience difficulty when trying to conceive. A male factor contributes to the problem in approximately 50 percent of such situations.

With accurate evaluation by OU Health’s urology experts, who perform diagnostic testing to pinpoint the cause of the condition, you or your loved one can find effective treatment, which may include assistive reproductive techniques or microsurgical options.

You’ll receive extensive guidance from highly trained and compassionate urologic specialists who also collaborate with OU Health’s gynecology and reproductive medicine services. You and your partner can participate in thorough evaluations and consultations that result in the optimal recommendations and specific treatment you need to help you start or grow your family.

Talk with your OU Health urologist about male-factor infertility, or if your semen analysis results or sperm count fall outside the average range. You can get the help you need at an OU Health urology location near you.

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