Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal

At some point in your family planning journey, you and your partner may decide that a vasectomy, or vasectomy reversal, is the right choice for you. Count on the urology specialists at OU Health in Oklahoma City and Edmond to provide high-level care for your vasectomy or vasectomy reversal procedure.

Innovative Family Planning Close to Home

When you choose OU Health, you work with a team of highly skilled and expertly trained doctors who specialize in vasectomy and vasectomy reversal procedures. You gain access to a wide range of innovative procedures that use advanced technology, such as Vasoepididymostomy (VE), a vasectomy reversal technique performed by doctors fellowship trained in microsurgery (procedures performed on very small parts of the body, like the reproductive tract) and is only available at OU Health.

You also benefit from access to OU Health Reproductive Medicine Lab, the largest full-service andrology (semen analysis) laboratory in Oklahoma, which provides onsite diagnostic testing. You, your doctor and your partner collaborate to determine the optimal path forward for your particular family planning goals.

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Vasectomy might be the right birth control option for you when you and your partner decide your family is complete. Vasectomy is a safe outpatient procedure that blocks the small tubes (vas deferens) that carry sperm from testicles and is considered the most effective birth control method that provides an alternative to pills, patches and devices.

At OU Health, you’ll work with experienced doctors who provide no needle no scalpel (incisionless) vasectomy in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Recovery time is just a few days and is equally as effective as traditional surgical methods.

During your vasectomy consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your goals, what to expect from the procedure and additional services available to you at OU Health. For example, you and your partner may consider sperm cryopreservation (freezing) – a procedure to collect, freeze and store sperm for fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Vasectomy Reversal

If your life situation changes and you want to expand your family, you have options to restore your fertility, including vasectomy reversal. When you choose OU Health for your vasectomy reversal procedure, you’ll work with experienced and extensively trained doctors that offer vasectomy reversal procedures such as:

  • Vasovasostomy (VV) – Reconnects the two sides of the vas deferens to re-establish the pathway of sperm to ejaculate

  • Vasoepididymostomy (VE) – Connects the vas deferens directly to the epididymis (where sperm is stored) if VE procedure isn’t possible. This advanced vasectomy reversal technique is only provided by doctors fellowship trained in microsurgery, and is unique in the region to OU Health.

A vasectomy reversal may not be the best option for you or may not be successful in some cases. You have access to various methods to help you achieve your family planning goals as part of your comprehensive fertility and family planning services offered at OU Health.

Advanced Fertility Procedures

Your team of OU Health doctors specialize in procedures that use innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technology to collect, freeze and store sperm for fertility treatments. You and your doctor will work together to determine the optimal path forward for your specific situation, which may include procedures such as:

  • Microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA) – Retrieves sperm from the epididymal tubules (tube that transports, stores and matures sperm) for men with obstructions

  • Microdissection testicular sperm extraction (mTESE) – A microscope is used to identify tissue where sperm is viable in men who cannot produce sperm in their ejaculate

  • Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) – Uses a small needle to extract sperm from the epididymis, where sperm are stored after production in the testes

  • Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) – Uses a small needle to extract sperm directly from the testes

  • Testicular sperm extraction (TESE) – Examines the tubules for sperm through a small incision in the testes where sperm is extracted

Your Experienced Team

Trust the dedicated, compassionate urology specialists at OU Health to help you and your partner understand your family planning options and determine the best path forward. You’ll work with doctors who are board-certified and fellowship-trained in microsurgery with extensive education and steady hands that come from years of experience in advanced vasectomy and vasectomy reversal procedures.

You benefit from innovative care from a team of doctors who collaborate with other providers, such as female reproductive specialists, to give you a comprehensive health experience within the OU Health system.