Brain & Spine Tumors

Brain & Spine Tumors

Benign brain tumors (non-cancerous growths) originate in brain tissue but do not invade the brain. Many brain tumors are benign and don’t spread to other parts of the body, but any tumor can affect you in multiple ways.

A malignant (cancerous) brain tumor grows much faster than a benign one. Although brain tumors do not spread to other areas of the body, they can reach other parts of the brain and the central nervous system. That’s why you want to talk with the brain and spine tumor teams at OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City.

Comprehensive Brain & Spine Tumor Care Close to Home

When you work with the tumor specialists at Stephenson Cancer Center, Oklahoma’s only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-Designated Cancer Center, you become part of a multidisciplinary team using the most innovative, evidence-based approaches to diagnose, treat and manage your specific brain and spine tumor condition. You’ll work with the most highly trained specialists in the region who focus on these conditions.

Symptoms of Brain & Spine Tumors

A benign or malignant brain tumor may affect your health if you experience symptoms such as changes in vision or personality, seizures, difficulty walking or speaking, morning nausea and vomiting, as well as memory and balance problems. Spinal tumors may cause neck or back pain or weakness of the extremities or difficulties with daily functions.

Brain & Spine Tumor Services & Treatments

At Stephenson Cancer Center, you’ll work with your doctor and other specialists to complete an extensive evaluation for an accurate diagnosis. You’ll also participate in developing a comprehensive care plan that fits your particular situation.

When detected early, brain and spine tumors respond well to specialized surgical removal. However, tumors located on sensitive, hard-to-reach areas require different options, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and destroy lingering cancer cells.

As you and your multidisciplinary team review your options, you also may take advantage of many innovative treatments, including:

Cancer Navigation Services

Throughout your journey at Stephenson Cancer Center, your care team includes a nurse navigator, a specially trained registered nurse (RN) who acts as your personal advocate and adds an extra layer of support. Learn more about cancer navigation services.

Supportive Care Services

You also gain access to extensive supportive care services, such as genetic counseling, nutritional therapy, support groups, palliative care, cancer education workshops, and symptom and pain management. And you’ll find all your cancer-related services in a bright, welcoming, up-to-date facility close to home and designed for your comfort and convenience.

Clinical Trials for Advanced Treatment

In Stephenson Cancer Center’s comprehensive program, you also may qualify to participate in cancer clinical trials as part of the National Cancer Institute’s National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN), giving you early access to today’s newest drugs and potential breakthrough treatments before they become widely available.

Your Expert Brain & Spine Tumor Team

In the Brain and Spine Tumor program at Stephenson Cancer Center, you’ll work with an exceptional team dedicated to brain and spine tumor treatment that includes nationally recognized neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and neuro-oncologists, as well as Oklahoma’s only board-certified neuro-oncologists, recognized by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties. You benefit from skilled neurosurgeons who train in the most advanced techniques for operating in the brain and spine.

From your first contact with Stephenson, you become a vital part of our multidisciplinary team approach that brings you together with cancer specialists, such as medical oncologists, cancer surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and others, to ensure you receive the best care for your particular condition.

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