Cancer Education Workshops

Cancer Education Workshops

As you move through your cancer journey, you’ll meet with a variety of healthcare professionals and face many new experiences. All along the way, you and your caregivers need accurate information so you can understand your treatment options and make the best possible decisions about your care.

Comprehensive Cancer Education Close to Home

Through OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City, you can take advantage of several cancer education workshops – short seminars where you’ll get valuable information and answers to your questions from knowledgeable and compassionate experts.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Impact

To ensure your safety during the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll now find many cancer education workshops and programs from Stephenson Cancer Center available online. And you can always ask your doctors and care team members for information to help you through any part of your treatment.

Chemo 101

Depending on your specific diagnosis, your treatment plan may include chemotherapy, one of the most common cancer treatments. Chemo 101 helps you and your caregivers learn what to expect and how to prepare for treatment. The workshop also covers important topics such as:

  • What is chemotherapy? What is infusion?
  • How is chemotherapy used to treat cancer?
  • How can I prepare for treatment?
  • What can I expect on my first visit?
  • What should I wear to chemotherapy treatment?
  • How can I contact the infusion center?

Attend online now by watching our short Chemo 101 video or download and view our Preparing for Chemotherapy booklet [pdf].

Learn more about chemotherapy and infusion at Stephenson Cancer Center.

Radiation Therapy 101

If your treatment plan includes radiation therapy, another common cancer treatment, ask your care team for information about what to expect, support services available for you and whether you can tour the radiation therapy area at Stephenson Cancer Center. Get additional information when you download and review our Preparing for Radiation Therapy booklet [pdf].

Learn more about radiation therapy at Stephenson Cancer Center.

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