Diabetes Treatment for Adults

Diabetes Treatment for Adults

Whether you recently received a diabetes diagnosis or you’re ready for more comprehensive care, you’ll benefit from the extensive services and experienced, compassionate providers at OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Work with Expert Endocrinology Specialists

Your path to living well with diabetes starts at your primary care physician’s door – this key team member supports you in managing your condition every day. When you get regular health checkups and keep all your appointments with your doctor or primary care provider, you’re well on your way to living a healthful life with diabetes.

As you learn to better manage your condition, you also may benefit from working with other healthcare specialists at the Diabetes Center, including board-certified endocrinologists. These highly skilled experts treat all types of diabetes and can answer your questions, address any complications that may develop from your specific situation and provide many types of advanced care, including the potential for participating in diabetes clinical trials.

You and your doctors will work together to create a comprehensive care plan – tailored to your individual needs – that will help you manage your condition and live the life you love.

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To learn more about diabetes treatments for adults, contact a diabetes expert at
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

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Learn to Manage Diabetes for Yourself

Discover healthy ways to live with diabetes by developing a self-management routine that fits your lifestyle. At Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, you’ll collaborate with Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists® to learn how you can effectively manage your medication, monitor your blood sugar levels, make smart dietary choices, safely increase physical activity and more.

When you join our self-management program, recognized by the American Diabetes Association®, you’ll team up with a variety of healthcare specialists, including dietitians and nutritionists, behavioral counselors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and others from many healthcare disciplines who help you learn the skills to manage your health condition and reduce your risk of developing complications.

Request a Referral for Diabetes Self-Management Program

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to enroll in the Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

Get help with your referral from our staff – call 405-271-1000. Or download and complete the referral form [pdf] and bring it to your appointment at the address shown on the form.

Gain Access to Specialized Services

When you choose Harold Hamm Diabetes Center for your diabetes care, you become part of a multidisciplinary care team focused on you and your specific situation. You also gain access to many healthcare specialists and services from the OU Health system, including:

  • Behavioral health professionals – OU Physicians’ licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and social work therapists understand the mental and emotional impact of life changes that diabetes requires in people of all ages.
  • Dental care – Oral health professionals at OU Dentistry Faculty Practice or OU Children’s Physicians Family Dentistry help you reduce your risk of cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Eye health and vision care – Diabetes Center ophthalmology experts – eye doctors – provide comprehensive specialty care and treatment for potential vision problems associated with diabetes at our partner practice nearby, the highly regarded Dean McGee Eye Institute.
  • Gestational diabetes education – Classes at the Diabetes Center offer knowledge and resources to women with gestational diabetes or a history of the condition. You learn to make healthy choices during pregnancy, such as how to eat well, stay active, control blood sugar levels and anticipate or prevent future side effects.
  • Metabolic and bariatric surgery – Diabetes Center specialists in several disciplines, including metabolism and bariatric surgery, work with you and your multidisciplinary diabetes care team to determine if weight loss assistance should be part of your comprehensive plan.
  • Pharmacy services – Your board-certified OU Health pharmacist can help you learn how prescription drugs, non-diabetes medications, over-the-counter remedies or dietary supplements may interact. That knowledge helps you avoid negative effects, even from cold medication or your daily vitamin, so you can better manage your blood sugar and overall health.
  • Podiatry services – Foot care experts – podiatrists – at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center help you learn good foot hygiene, including daily checks for calluses, bruises and cuts, and they can detect and treat issues such as numbness, sores or infections before complications arise.
  • Support group for adults with diabetes – Join others like yourself and learn how to make positive life changes in these free sessions that meet every other month.
  • Wound healing care – Work with Diabetes Center specialists in wound healing processes for help to care for and recover from all types of breaks in the skin that may lead to more serious health situations.
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