What to Know About Diabetes

When you or your loved ones face a diagnosis of diabetes – or you wonder if you might have risk factors, rely on the expert endocrinologists and diabetes specialists at OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City and Tulsa for comprehensive information, care and treatment.

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know about diabetes, its types, prevention and treatment, the better you and your loved ones can manage challenges related to the condition as you continue to live the life you love.

Work with Harold Hamm Diabetes Center Specialists

Look to the diabetes specialists at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, who collaborate with the American Diabetes Association and other organizations, to provide reliable information that helps you learn more about:

If left unmanaged, diabetes takes a high toll on individuals, families and communities. Once you receive the diagnosis, the quality of your life – or even your life itself! – depends on how well you manage your condition and any complications that may arise.

Living Well with Diabetes

By learning about the specific condition that affects you or your loved one – and how to care for and manage your situation – a long and healthy life awaits you.

Living well with diabetes means keeping your blood glucose within a healthy range. You can do this through smart behavior choices like eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and taking any prescribed medication.

Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support

At Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, you can take advantage of the Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) program, recognized by the American Diabetes Association®. You’ll team up with a variety of healthcare specialists, including dietitians and nutritionists, behavioral counselors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and others from many healthcare disciplines who help you learn the skills to manage your health condition and reduce your risk of developing complications.

Request a Referral for Diabetes Self-Management Program

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to enroll in the Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) program at OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

Get help with your referral from our staff – call 405-271-1000. Or download and complete the referral form [pdf] and bring it to your appointment at the address shown on the form.

More Help from Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

If you live with diabetes, you’re not alone. No matter what your situation, get the help you need from Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

Adults with medical coverage

Adults with little or no medical coverage

Explore options to fit your specific situation, including:

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