Harold Hamm International Prize

Awarded biennially and in the amount of $250,000, the Harold Hamm International Prize for Biomedical Research in Diabetes recognizes innovation in the field of diabetes research with an emphasis on progress toward a cure. The Prize, established in 2012, celebrates the scientific achievements of an outstanding researcher, team of researchers, or research institution selected by a rotating Jury of national and international leaders in the diabetes community.


The Harold Hamm International Prize for Biomedical Research in Diabetes was established to recognize and promote lasting achievements in diabetes research focused on progress toward a cure. The $250,000 Prize, the largest of its kind in the world, is named for Mr. Harold Hamm, chairman and chief executive office of Continental Resources, Inc., and who generously provided for an endowment to fund the Prize in perpetuity.

Selection Process

At the beginning of each award cycle, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center representatives will select a jury of five international leaders in the field of diabetes research to nominate and select the Prize Laureate. In their consideration of Nominees, Selection Jury Members will write a Nominating Statement for two Nominees. Jurors can either select their own Nominees or, at their discretion, choose Nominees recommended by the diabetes community at large through an open call for letters of recommendation. Any person writing a Letter of Recommendation must submit his or her letter prior to the public announcement of the Selection Jury. Details for submitting a Letter of Recommendation are located here.

Once Nominees are selected, Jurors will deliberate at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City. Deliberations will begin with each Juror presenting the merits of his/her two Nominees. After ensuing discussion, the voting process with successive rounds of elimination will follow, until the Prize Laureate is selected.

No administrative or research officer from Harold Hamm casts a vote in the final voting procedure.

For additional information, contact Lark Zink at Lark-Zink@ouhsc.edu or (405) 271-2824.

Awarding Institution

Photo of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center is an OU Health comprehensive Center of Excellence integrating research, patient care, and prevention programs and focused on progress toward a cure for diabetes and its complications. Harold Hamm Diabetes Center holds in trust the endowment for the Hamm Prize and administers the selection process. The Hamm Prize is awarded biennially.

Prize Charter

Hamm Prize policies and procedures are outline in detail in the Prize Charter. To read more about the Hamm Prize, please view the Official Prize Charter.

The Hamm Medal

Hamm Prize MedallionThe Hamm Prize Laureate is presented with the Hamm Medal, a gold medallion bearing the profile of Harold Hamm, benefactor of the Hamm Prize.

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