Diabetes Treatment in Tulsa

Diabetes Treatment in Tulsa

If you live in Tulsa, northeast Oklahoma or the surrounding region, you’ll find comprehensive, expert diabetes care and treatment for adults, adolescents and children close to home through OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

Team-Based, Family-Centered Diabetes Care

Receiving a diabetes diagnosis touches your entire family. Whether you or your child live with the condition, all family members must make lifelong adjustments and learn how to help and support each other with healthy lifestyle changes.

Choose OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center facilities in Tulsa, part of the OU-TU School of Community Medicine, for a team-based, family-centered approach to care. Or take advantage of our diabetes consultation services at The Children’s Hospital at St. Francis in Tulsa when needed.

Connect with Diabetes Experts

At Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, you’ll work with a wide range of healthcare professionals, including board-certified endocrinologists and pharmacists, specialist nurse practitioners and Certified Diabetes Educators®, registered dietitian nutritionists, behavioral counselors and clinical researchers who become part of your multidisciplinary care team. With many experts helping to develop a care and treatment plan that best fits your specific situation, you and your loved ones can focus on staying healthy and living well.

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One phone call connects you or your loved one with expert diabetes care and treatment at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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Exceptional Diabetes Services Close to Home

From in-depth treatment for individuals to personal and family education programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association, you can rely on Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Tulsa for exceptional care and treatment. Options include:

  • Pediatric diabetes care program for children and adolescents
  • Classes for people receiving a new-onset diagnosis
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Pumps and sensors program for insulin pump therapy and/or continuous glucose monitoring

Pediatric Diabetes Care Program

As a person and family living with Type 1 diabetes, you’ll gain a better understanding of the condition as you also build your confidence and ability in how you manage each day. With current evidence suggesting that consistent blood sugar control greatly diminishes the chances of long-term eye and kidney complications, you and your loved ones benefit from learning good self-management practices. By the time your child sets off for college or heads into the workforce, you can trust their skill in managing their own blood sugars.

New Onset Classes

If you or your loved one recently received a new diabetes diagnosis and a referral to Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Tulsa, you’re assured of gaining extensive individual and group education, attention and counseling on a day-to-day basis with your care team members.

Part of your treatment involves intensive monitoring and frequent contact from team members until you and your family feel in good control of the condition you or your loved one experience and feel comfortable with your care plan.

Eventually, your routine visits to the Diabetes Center will happen four times a year. But your providers and care team members stand ready to help 24 hours a day in emergencies and when you face another illness.


Whether you recently received a diabetes diagnosis or you’re new to Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Tulsa, you’ll meet with our dietitians to learn how you can adjust your diet and food intake for optimal insulin delivery and well-being. You also may ask to speak with a dietitian during scheduled visits with your provider or during individual nutrition visits.

Pumps and Sensors Training

If you and your care team determine that insulin pump therapy and/or continuous glucose monitoring needs to be part of your treatment plan, rely on certified trainers at the Diabetes Center in Tulsa to provide the help you need in a comprehensive pump-and-sensors education program handled in our offices.

Research Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Treatment

Ongoing research studies at our Tulsa location, such as the Type 1 Diabetes Exchange and others, help advance diabetes knowledge and treatment by following participants over time to test new types of insulin or other innovative treatments. The Diabetes TrialNet study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, seeks to better detect future risk of Type 1 diabetes.

Ask your multidisciplinary care team at the Diabetes Center about ways you may be able to participate in ongoing research projects or clinical trials. If you qualify, you may help our dedicated researchers find new and innovative treatment options or advanced technology for people who live with diabetes.

Resources for Diabetes Care

For more information about diabetes, support for managing your condition, local legislation and nutrition information, check the following options.

General Information

  • JDRF – Formerly called the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; nonprofit organization that funds Type 1 (T1D) research, advocates for regulation favorable to medical research and to speed up access to new medical devices
  • American Diabetes Association – Nonprofit organization that offers education about diabetes and helps those affected by funding research to manage, prevent and cure the disease
  • International Diabetes Federation – Worldwide alliance committed to raising global awareness of diabetes, promoting appropriate diabetes care and prevention, and encouraging activities aimed at finding find a cure for all types of diabetes
  • glu – Online community of people living with Type 1 diabetes and their families
  • Insulin for Life USA – Collects in-date, unopened supplies from individuals and organizations; inspects for quality and safety and delivers to disadvantaged regions; provides insulin and disease management supplies free of charge to people with diabetes who would otherwise go without these life-saving items
  • OK Diabetes Management in Schools Act [pdf]

Nutrition Information

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