Diabetes Treatment for Young Adults

Diabetes Treatment for Young Adults

Put to rest any questions about growing into young adulthood while living well with diabetes when you work with the diabetes experts at OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Start here for all the care you need.

Wavelengths Transition Program for Young Adults

As you enter your teen and young adult years, you naturally become more independent. That means the efforts you, your parents, your school nurses and others made to help manage your diabetes when you were a child need an update.

In the Wavelengths program at Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, you get early contact with an adult endocrinologist at whatever time you and your pediatric provider feel works best for you. This process also ensures you get quick access to appointment scheduling with your new provider.

Make an Appointment

To learn more about diabetes for young adults, contact a diabetes expert at
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

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Coordinating Clinical Care & Research

Wavelengths participation includes gathering valuable insights from you to share with researchers and specialists. This information helps them continually work to improve diabetes self-management programs and develop even better ways to support young adults living with diabetes.

Find Help for Your Lifestyle & Health Goals

Get the knowledge and skills you need to live well with diabetes, no matter what your age. Work with your doctors, specialists and the Wavelengths team who help monitor your progress, support you on good days and bad, and offer you expert resources for learning to manage your diabetes on your own.

Take a Summer Break at Camp Blue Hawk

Build your confidence, learn diabetes self-management skills and make new friends when you join your peers ages 9-17 who live with Type 1 diabetes at Camp Blue Hawk, our annual residential summer camp. You might even grow into becoming a camp counselor!

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