Mental & Behavioral Health

Mental & Behavioral Health

Good health often starts with good mental health. While you and your loved ones probably know a lot about how to stay physically healthy, finding the best approach, support or care for your specific mental health concerns may seem far out of reach. That’s when you’ll benefit from working with OU Health mental and behavioral health professionals in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Caring for Your Mental Well-Being Close to Home

Rely on the psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other therapeutic experts at OU Health to help you through challenging times of life – when you or your loved ones face the most difficult health conditions, family or other relationship questions, workplace situations and life stresses – or when everyday events feel like just too much to handle. Your OU Health provider listens deeply to your concerns before arriving at a diagnosis designed to support you as you work through your situation and find a path forward.

Adult Mental & Behavioral Health Conditions

No matter what age or relationship status, you and your loved ones – individually, as a couple or as a family – can find the help you need at OU Health for a wide range of mental and behavioral health issues such as:

At our OU Health location in Oklahoma City, you’ll also find care for chronic pain issues, LGBTQ and identity-related concerns, and marital and relationship problems.

Mental & Behavioral Health Services & Treatments for Adults

When you choose to work with the mental and behavioral health experts at OU Health in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, you benefit from an extensive array of non-emergency, evidence-based interventions, services and treatments for adults, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – Goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving
  • Counseling – Assistance to handle short-term issues
  • Geriatric psychotherapy – Assessment and evaluation of degenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s and others), memory and cognitive function in senior adults; programs for seniors with mental health concerns, based at OU Health Edmond Medical Center, including Autumn Life Behavioral Health Program and Thrive Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Health psychology/behavioral medicine – Support for people experiencing difficulties related to chronic terminal physical illness
  • Individualized evaluations – Extended physician appointments for deep listening and comprehensive assessment tailored to your specific situation
  • Integrated behavioral health services – Problem-solving, stress-reduction skills, coping strategies for chronic disease, behavior-change strategies, coaching for healthy lifestyle, relationship skill-building, caregiver coping strategies, preparation for difficult medical procedures, techniques to improve sleep
  • Medication management and psychopharmaceutical approaches to care
  • Neuropsychological testing – Complete medical and neurologic evaluation
  • Psychiatry services – Psychiatric medication management with or without psychotherapy to achieve the best balance of care for individual situations
  • Psychotherapy – Individual help for long-term issues; based on regular personal interaction with a therapeutic professional

Additional Treatment Services in Oklahoma City

At our OU Health location in Oklahoma City, you’ll find more mental and behavioral health treatment services, including:

  • Chronic pain and biofeedback therapy – Electrical sensors help you learn to intervene in your body’s pain process
  • Correctional mental health – Services for incarcerated populations at the Oklahoma County Detention Center
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) – Safe treatment for severe depression using brief brain stimulation through electrodes
  • ExecuCare addiction treatment – High-quality, comprehensive, compassionate, outpatient addiction treatment program for executives and professionals in a discreet environment; comprehensive evaluations and multidisciplinary approach to mental and behavioral problems, including individual, marital/family and group therapy
  • Fitness-for-duty psychiatric evaluation – Full psychiatric assessment and psychometric testing of all Axis I and Axis II disorders to determine an individual’s ability to practice their profession; referrals to psychologists
  • Fitness-for-duty psychological evaluation – Face-to-face clinical interview plus psychological testing and feedback; interviews with family and other sources; reviews of medical history/treatment records for comprehensive assessment
  • Group therapy – Face-to-face interaction between one or more therapists and a small group of individuals to explore interpersonal issues and group dynamics
  • Transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) – Brain stimulation to soothe depression

ExecuCare Outpatient Addiction Program in Oklahoma City

If you or a loved one face the challenge of addiction, especially in the context of high-performing workplaces or intense family, relationship or personal situations, you may benefit from the OU Health ExecuCare program based in Oklahoma City.

You’ll find exceptional, compassionate addiction treatment in a discreet outpatient setting that means you can continue your daily activities while taking part in ExecuCare, a proven program based on the belief that addiction is a chronic, progressive medical disease.

Through this comprehensive, multidisciplinary team-based approach, you or your loved ones receive extensive psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, medication management and individual, marital/family and group therapy for a wide range of chemical and behavioral addictions (gambling, work, others), mood disorders, trauma, personality disorders and disruptive behaviors. As part of the ExecuCare program, fitness-for-duty evaluations and detailed reports outline recommendations about return-to-work progress and other treatments.

Additional Services in Tulsa

if you or your loved ones live in northeast Oklahoma or the nearby region, you can take advantage of additional mental health services at OU Health in Tulsa, including:

  • IMPACT “wraparound” community-based support program for people needing a higher level of mental health care, no matter where they live within Tulsa County
  • Stress management support group
  • Social services specialists to coordinate care across multiple community-based agencies and providers to meet the specific needs of you or your loved ones
  • SoonerSUCCESS – Community-based support program for children and families of children with special needs; serves 16 counties in three regions across northeast and central Oklahoma; coordinates community services, providers, doctors, families and children with special needs

Related Services

Get compassionate professional care from OU Health mental and behavioral health professionals in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to help you or your loved ones cope with the challenges, problems and concerns of life. At both locations, you'll also find a full spectrum of mental and behavioral health services for children and adolescents.

In Oklahoma City, you can take advantage of the Terrorism and Disaster Center, a resource-only service (no patient care provided) for improving care and access to culturally sensitive mental health information for children, families, schools and communities affected by terrorism and disasters that also helps increase resilience of children for disaster and terrorism preparedness, response and recovery.

Your Expert Mental Health Care Team

At OU Health, mental and behavioral health experts work with you as part of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals extensively trained in evidence-based treatments. You benefit from their emphasis on treating the whole person in a primary care setting, which integrates psychiatric and behavioral health services into regular medical care.

Your team members may include specialists in addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, geriatric psychiatry, psychiatry and the law (forensic psychiatry), and telepsychiatry or telebehavioral healthcare, which expands mental health services to many rural areas of Oklahoma.

Through our collaboration with OU Health scientists, you also may benefit from innovative clinical research designed to provide better understanding of effective treatment, the best conditions to administer treatments, and effective strategies to prevent or reduce the burden of psychiatric illness and substance use disorders in the region.

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