Mental Health Treatment for Children

Mental Health Treatment for Children

Your child or adolescent experiences the world much differently than you do as an adult. That means their mental health needs vary significantly from yours, as well. To support your child’s health and healing, you need to find the most understanding and dedicated care focused on the special needs of young people.

Pediatric Mental Health Care Close to Home

When you choose Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to care for your child’s mental or behavioral health issues, you benefit from extended appointments with highly trained, compassionate, caring professionals who take the time to listen to you and your child, gather important background information and family/medical history, and discover the deep roots of your particular situation.

After a detailed review, you’ll receive their comprehensive diagnosis and work with them to develop a treatment plan that helps you and your child take the next positive steps.

Your child also benefits from our integrated, whole-person approach to medical care – found only at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital – that offers a single medical record for easy access to multiple specialists and services that support your child’s care plan.

Children’s Mental Health Conditions

Find the assistance you need at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital for a wide range of mental and behavioral health concerns that may affect your child, such as:

Mental Health Treatment for Children

Take advantage of pediatric mental and behavioral health experts at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital who provide the full spectrum of non-emergency, evidence-based interventions, services and treatments for your child, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – Hands-on approach to help resist negative thinking
  • Individualized evaluations – Extended physician appointments for deep listening and comprehensive assessment tailored to your specific situation
  • Integrated behavioral health services – Problem-solving, stress-reduction skills, coping strategies for chronic illness, behavior-change strategies, difficulties with treatment adherence, coaching for healthy lifestyle, relationship skill-building, caregiver coping strategies, preparing for challenging medical procedures (procedure anxiety), pain management, behavioral aspects of weight management, techniques to improve sleep
  • Psychiatry services – Psychotherapy combined with psychiatric assessment and medication management for individualized care
  • Psychology services – Psychotherapy and psychological testing assessments for learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disability and other mental health concerns; neuropsychological testing for potentially complex neurological conditions
  • Psychotherapy – Individual help for long-term issues; care based on regular personal interaction with a therapeutic professional; limited group therapy options for young children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • SoonerSUCCESS – Community-based support program for children and families of children with special needs; serves 16 counties in three regions across northeast and central Oklahoma; coordinates community services, providers, doctors, families and children with special needs

Integrated Pediatric Mental Health & Primary Care Services

In addition, you’ll find pediatric psychologists and social services specialists integrated into most Oklahoma Children’s Hospital primary care services such as Sooner Pediatric Clinic and Super Niño’s Clinic, as well as the specialties of hematology/oncology, gastrointestinal/liver health, endocrinology, pulmonology, nephrology, rheumatology and the Healthy Futures program.

Additional Services in Tulsa

If you or your loved ones live in northeast Oklahoma or the nearby region, you can take advantage of expert care from the largest group of child and adolescent psychiatrists in the state at OU Health in Tulsa. With six child psychiatry faculty members, one faculty psychologist and four child psychiatry fellows available, your child benefits from additional mental health care options, including:

  • Consultation services with OU Health mental health professionals, the only pediatric psychiatry team at Tulsa’s Saint Francis Children’s Hospital and the Laura Dester Children’s Center in Tulsa
  • Outpatient pediatric psychiatry consultation – Evaluation and consultation with OU Health pediatricians regarding short-term psychiatric management for children in the primary care setting
  • Pediatric nightmare study – For information, call (918) 660-3118
  • Positive Changes – Partial hospitalization program for children and adolescents who need more intensive treatment beyond regular outpatient appointments
  • Social services specialists to coordinate care across multiple community-based agencies, OU Health primary care providers and specialties, and other services to meet the specific needs of you or your loved ones

Additional Services at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital

Getting healthcare services through pediatric primary care and specialties from Oklahoma Children’s Hospital may give your child or youth access to behavioral health services integrated within their comprehensive medical care for areas such as:

  • Sooner Pediatrics and pediatric primary care – Comprehensive healthcare program where OU Health pediatric psychologists provide integrated behavioral health services within primary care clinics; includes brief consultation, brief therapy intervention, psycho-diagnostic evaluations for common conditions such as ADHD, behavioral management/parenting issues, depression, anxiety, coping with stress, headaches, procedure anxiety, elimination disorders
  • Super Nino’s pediatric primary care – A medical home for children within a predominantly Hispanic community; includes in-house psychology services with a Spanish-speaking provider; located in the Latino Community Development Agency just south of downtown Oklahoma City
  • Pediatric hematology and oncology at Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer – Behavioral health diagnostic and follow-up interviews, developmental, psycho-educational and psychosocial evaluations for children and youth in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease program, Oklahoma Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders, Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant program; consultations for coping with illness, pain management, behavioral management, emotional problems, school accommodations, toileting problems, sleep difficulties and more
  • Pediatric liver transplant and gastrointestinal (GI) programs – Behavioral health services through multidisciplinary programs in pediatric GI care and Oklahoma Transplant Center; coordinates evaluations, consultations, interventions, developmental supports, adherence assistance and developmental transition training for pediatric transplant patients
  • Pediatric kidney transplant and nephrology – Behavioral health services through multidisciplinary programs and inpatient teams in pediatric nephrology and Oklahoma Transplant Center; coordinates evaluations, consultations, interventions, developmental supports, adherence assistance, and developmental transition training for transplant, dialysis, and other nephrology patients
  • Pediatric diabetes and endocrinology – Behavioral health services for children, adolescents and young adults with a wide range of endocrine concerns; includes consultation, brief assessment, individual and family-based intervention targeting numerous areas such as adherence to medication and/or medical treatment recommendations, behavior management, emotional problems, school accommodations, sleep difficulties and more
  • Pediatric pulmonology and cystic fibrosis (CF) – Behavioral health services for children and adults diagnosed with cystic fibrosis; multidisciplinary approach; assessment and interventions for children and their families affected by CF regarding adherence, medication management, pain management, behavioral difficulties related to treatments, sleep issues, other behavioral issues
  • Healthy Futures – Behavioral health services in multidisciplinary weight management program focused on families making healthy lifestyle choices to improve the overall health of children; assists child and family in meeting their dietary and physical activity goals
  • Rheumatology – Behavioral health services for children, adolescents, and young adults with a wide range of rheumatologic concerns; includes consultation, brief assessment, individual and family-based intervention for adherence to medication and/or medical treatment recommendations, behavior management, emotional problems, school accommodations, sleep difficulties and more
  • Inpatient consultation and liaison – Assessment and treatment plan addressing concerns and coordinating follow-up care to prepare for discharge; includes pain management, procedural distress, internalizing disorders, assisting with communication, non-adherence to medical regimens and more

Related Services

Get compassionate professional care from OU Health mental and behavioral health professionals in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to help you or your loved ones cope with the challenges, problems and concerns of life. In both locations, you'll also find a full spectrum of mental and behavioral health services for adults.

Your Expert Pediatric Mental Health Care Team

At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, you and your child work with experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, licensed clinical social workers and medical resident physicians – all extensively trained in diagnosing and treating behavioral, emotional and mental health issues in children and their families. You benefit from their emphasis on treating the whole person in a primary care setting, which integrates psychiatric and behavioral health services into medical care.

Your team members may include specialists in telepsychiatry or telebehavioral healthcare, which expands mental health services to many rural areas of Oklahoma.

Through our collaboration with OU Health scientists, you also may benefit from innovative clinical research designed to provide better understanding of effective treatment, the best conditions to administer treatments and effective strategies to prevent or reduce the burden of psychiatric illness and substance use disorders across our region.

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