Transplant & Cellular Therapy

Transplant & Cellular Therapy

Cellular therapies often allow you to receive additional doses of chemotherapy or radiation by reducing extra strain on your body, which may open up other possibilities to treat the type of cancer you face.

Nationally Recognized Transplant & Cellular Therapy

Choose Stephenson Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-Designated Cancer Center at OU Health in Oklahoma City, to work with nationally known physicians in Oklahoma’s only cellular therapy and comprehensive stem cell transplant program accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy to serve people of all ages. Your treatment options include autologous (your own) and allogeneic (donor) transplants from peripheral blood, bone marrow or umbilical cord blood from related and unrelated donors.

Oklahoma’s Only CAR-T Therapy Program

Through OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center, you also gain access to the only facility in Oklahoma where you’ll find the latest CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor T cell) advanced cellular therapy, a specialized form of immunotherapy using genetically engineered T cells to target specific proteins that may contribute to your condition. You may qualify for a CAR-T clinical trial at OU Health or for commercially approved options.

Expert Cellular Therapy Services Close to Home

During your treatment process at Stephenson Cancer Center, you can stay close to home and close to your support network while you benefit from the many years of experience held by our cellular therapy specialists. These experts perform more than 100 stem cell transplants each year for people of all ages, with more than 2,100 transplants completed since the program began in 1982. Take advantage of OU Health highly trained cellular transplant professionals, including:

  • In-house laboratory specialists in molecular testing for fast results

  • Multidisciplinary malignant hematology tumor board that provides comprehensive oversight, review and monitoring for every aspect of your specific situation and treatment

  • Dedicated malignant hematology physicians and specially trained nurses

  • Oklahoma’s only hematology nurse navigator who guides you through all phases of your therapeutic journey

Learn more about blood and bone marrow transplant (BMT) for adults at Stephenson Cancer Center and explore cancer treatment for children at Jimmy Everest Center.

Clinical Trials & Innovative Research

When you collaborate with cellular therapy specialists at Stephenson Cancer Center, you can ask about eligibility to participate in a wide range of clinical trials as part of our membership in the National Cancer Institute’s National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). Or you may benefit from OU Health innovative research that produces and contributes to the latest cancer treatment options.

To continually bring you proven, safe, effective treatments and the best care available, experts at Stephenson Cancer Center help develop the latest trusted transplant and cellular therapies by collaborating on research and clinical trials with many accredited and certified international, national and regional organizations, including:

  • BMT Clinical Trials Network

  • Center for International Bone Marrow Transplant Research

  • National Marrow Donor Program – “Be The Match”

  • Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Research Network

  • Southwest Oncology Group

  • The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology

Supportive Care at Stephenson Cancer Center

At Stephenson Cancer Center, you also can select from extensive Supportive Care services, such as genetic counseling, nutrition therapy, support groups, palliative care, cancer education workshops, and symptom and pain management. Enjoy all your cancer-related services in a bright, welcoming, up-to-date facility close to home and designed for your comfort and convenience.

Your Cellular Therapy Nurse Navigator

As part of your Stephenson Cancer Center experience, you’ll partner with our dedicated, knowledgeable hematology nurse navigator who coordinates all aspects of your care. You and your caregivers can count on your navigator to serve as the best resource for helpful information, guidance and scheduling assistance throughout your journey.

Your Specialized Transplant & Cellular Therapy Team

Your choice to get care at OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center means you benefit from expertise you won’t find at other cancer centers in the state or region. You’ll work with experienced physicians who hold significant training in malignant hematology, cellular therapy and transplantation, as well as an expert hematopathologist onsite for quick evaluation of test results, specially trained nurses devoted to your care and a wide range of health professionals from multiple disciplines who apply their knowledge to your specific situation.

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