Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Surgery may be the preferred treatment option for head and neck cancers in some cases. At OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center, you’ll work with board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons who perform more head and neck cancer surgical procedures than any other regional facility.

Your Stephenson Cancer Center team includes surgeons skilled in advanced procedures like microvascular surgery – an innovative technique involving tissue transfer from other parts of the body to reconstruct delicate structures of the face, head and neck in order to restore appearance and function as much as possible after cancer surgery.

Individualized Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

As part of your treatment plan and depending on the type and stage of disease, your Stephenson Cancer Center team may recommend one or a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, radioactive iodine therapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy. Whatever your treatment protocol, your head and neck cancer surgeons bring their extensive training and experience to focus on your particular situation.

Head & Neck Cancer Surgery

When you choose OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center – Oklahoma’s only NCI-Designated Cancer Center – you’ll gain access to a team of doctors with special training in state-of-the-art surgical procedures and techniques to give you the best outcome possible for your condition. Depending on your specific type of head and neck cancer, you and your doctor will discuss the best treatment options for you, which may include state of the art surgical procedures such as:

  • Trans-Oral Robotic surgery
  • Endoscopic Laser surgery
  • Microvascular surgery

Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery & Endoscopic Laser Surgery

After a thorough evaluation, your Stephenson Cancer Center team may recommend minimally invasive or robotic-assisted surgery. These procedures can be performed through the mouth and allow your doctors to perform complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than conventional open surgical techniques. You’ll also benefit from a quicker recovery time and reduced scarring.

Microvascular Surgery

After head and neck cancer treatment and tumor removal, you may benefit from microvascular head and neck reconstruction — one of the most advanced surgical techniques available to restore function (speaking, chewing, swallowing, facial movement, etc.) and form (appearance, facial animation, scarring, etc.) after cancer treatment and improve quality of life.

The technique is one of the most advanced surgical options available for rehabilitating surgical defects caused by removing head and neck tumors. Microvascular reconstruction surgery is a procedure that reconnects tiny blood vessels to restore blood flow to tissue transferred from other parts of the body. This advanced type of reconstructive surgery requires specialized surgical instruments and additional training. The expert surgeons at Stephenson Cancer Center provide the highest quality of care by using innovative techniques such as microvascular surgery to give you better outcomes.

Learn more about services for head and neck cancers at Stephenson Cancer Center, as well as surgical oncology and additional surgery services at OU Health.

Your Expert Head & Neck Cancer Surgery Team

Your head and neck cancer surgery team at Stephenson Cancer Center includes board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons who perform more head and neck cancer surgical procedures than any other facility in the region. Your surgical team applies their years of surgical experience, expertise and skill in advanced techniques of oncologic surgery and microvascular reconstruction to ensure you receive the best care for your particular condition.

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