A cancer diagnosis or the therapies used to treat your condition also may affect your heart. Many therapeutics needed for cancer treatment, including chemotherapy substances, can strain your cardiovascular system and create serious complications. If you already live with a diagnosis of heart disease, you may be even more likely to develop cardiac complications related to cancer treatment.

Collaborative Cancer-Related Heart Care

At OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City, you receive cancer care in a team-based setting that coordinates your treatment with cardiologists who specialize in cardio-oncology. That way, you gain all possible benefits of your cancer therapies while minimizing and treating any cardiac complications.

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Cardio-Oncology Care for Cancer Patients & Survivors

As a current patient at OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center, ask your care team about cardio-oncology services if you:

  • Live with pre-existing heart conditions

  • Receive cancer therapies that may put you at risk for heart disease

As a cancer survivor or childhood cancer survivor, you can take advantage of cardio-oncology services at OU Health if you:

  • Developed heart damage during cancer therapy

  • Developed late-onset heart damage from receiving cancer therapy as a child

How You Benefit from OU Health Cardio-Oncology Care

When you participate in cardio-oncology care at OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center, you benefit from:

  • Regular monitoring to prevent heart complications while receiving cancer therapies

  • Focused cardiac testing to pinpoint any heart-related conditions or concerns

  • Frequent follow-up with specialized teams that deliver cardio-oncology care to help improve cardiovascular outcomes during cancer treatment

Potential Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer Care

Talk with your doctors and care team to learn more about the many common cardiovascular complications related to cancer care, including:

Your Expert Cardio-Oncology Care Team

In addition to cancer-specific oncologists, your expert OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center care team includes cardio-oncology specialists who collaborate with your cancer doctors and your personal cardiologist (if you have one) to see you before, during and after treatment. This multidisciplinary team-based approach provides seamless coordination to help everyone stay informed about all aspects of your situation, which ensures you receive safe and timely cancer treatment along with regular heart monitoring – in one convenient OU Health location.

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