Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, a community team player or a personal fitness proponent or you live an exercise-focused life, your training, conditioning, activity and competitive performance may lead to musculoskeletal injury or strain that can put you on the sidelines.

Sports Medicine Expertise Close to Home

Get the top-quality care you need to get back in the game when you choose the sports medicine physicians, fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine physicians and specially trained therapists at OU Health in Oklahoma City, Edmond and Tulsa.

You benefit from extensive evaluation, testing and diagnosis for a wide range of sport-related injuries, including concussion, in a comprehensive sports medicine program trusted by elite athletes, competitive marathon runners, the region’s top baseball and soccer college teams, NFL players, and university and national sports teams across the country.

You and your family medicine or internal medicine doctor become part of an OU Health multidisciplinary care team focused on delivering the best possible treatment for your particular situation. Your healthcare team members work closely with physical therapists and other health providers to ensure you receive the personalized services designed to help you return to the life you love.

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Discover how to improve your athletic performance or recover well from injury when you meet with an OU Health sports medicine specialist.

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Treatment for Sport-Related Injuries & Conditions

At OU Health, you’ll work with fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians, including orthopedic surgeons, who spent several years gaining hands-on, in-depth experience for diagnosing and treating sport-related situations, including unusual injuries specific to certain sports or a variety of activity-based conditions such as:

Advanced Sports Medicine Services

For expert care of your activity- or sport-related injury or for rehabilitation and guidance to enhance your recovery, take advantage of OU Health’s wide array of non-surgical and surgical services and advanced treatments such as:

  • Arthroscopy – Minimally invasive procedure to repair joints, including knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, elbow
  • Concussion evaluation and treatment, education and information for student athletes, teachers, coaches, parents and trainers
  • Exercise evaluations – Bring your own equipment, if desired
  • Exercise prescriptions, including customized fitness plans
  • Gait analysis and special programs for runners
  • Injury prevention information and guidance
  • Injection therapy to reduce joint inflammation
  • Iontophoresis – Transdermal drug delivery without injection
  • Joint aspiration for accurate diagnosis
  • Musculoskeletal injury evaluation and treatment
  • Musculoskeletal manual manipulation therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Phonophoresis – Ultrasound enhancement for topical anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Range-of-motion (ROM) therapies
  • Return-to-work/play decision guidance
  • Sport psychology
  • Strength conditioning
  • Strength training
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) – Non-invasive, non-prescription pain relief approach
  • Weight-loss programs

If you experience a sudden injury, you often can get same-day appointments for treatment and follow-up rehabilitative care with advanced technology and strengthening regimens.

Human Performance Lab at OU Health in Tulsa

Get expert care for all types of musculoskeletal problems, even those not related to sports, from specialists at OU Health’s human performance lab in Tulsa. In addition to the advanced sports medicine services you’ll find at all OU Health locations, you can work with OU Health’s Tulsa team to understand the limits of your current physical capacity or performance and track your improvements. Take advantage of a variety of body composition tests, performance or training support and other services, including:

  • Fracture management
  • Lactate threshold test – Indicates maximum intensity your body can maintain without a large increase in lactic acid that could slow muscle recovery
  • Muscular exhaustion test – Evaluates endurance by measuring the decrease in muscle ability and function through incremental exercise that increases in intensity
  • Modality specific testing – Identifies methods and areas for individualized performance improvement
  • Spirometry (breathing test) for exercise-induced asthma
  • Stress fracture testing
  • 12-lead cardiac stress testing and electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
  • Ultrasound-guided injections for more precise and less painful treatment of joint-related conditions
  • Video-based gait analysis
  • VO2 max test – Determines maximum amount (volume) of oxygen your body can use during exercise; supports cardiorespiratory fitness

Concussion Center at OU Health

Any direct blow or jolt to the head may lead to a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even forces affecting other parts of the body may send shocks to the head that can contribute to concussion. Symptoms ranging from headache and dizziness to trouble walking or thinking clearly or vision problems mean you need immediate evaluation for possible concussion.

Whether you choose OU Health in Oklahoma City, Tulsa or Edmond for concussion care, our sports medicine professionals review your situation in depth and work with you to determine appropriate treatment or refer you to specialists for personalized attention to your specific condition. In addition, you receive guidance and recommendations for when you may safely return to work or to exercise, activity or playing the sports you love.

Your Expert Sports Medicine Care Team

No matter your age, level of athletic ability or your hometown, you’ll find exceptional sports medicine care and services from OU Health providers near you. All sports medicine doctors in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond and across the region completed their fellowship training in sports medicine through OU Health and our academic partner, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma’s only academic medical center.

You benefit from the experience of OU Health’s extensively educated sports medicine and rehabilitation professionals who work with you and a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers. Your team may include physical therapists, family medicine physicians, internal medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons and others who help you recover from injury as quickly as possible or establish the exercise, strengthening, conditioning and training programs that support top athletic performance and overall good health.

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