Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant

Your liver, the single body organ able to regenerate, can rebuild itself to normal capacity within weeks from a transplanted portion. But, sometimes, you need total liver transplant. Total or sectional transplants can come from deceased donors or a family member or other individual who makes a suitable match. Your liver transplant specialists at OU Health belong to a surgical team with the deepest experience in liver transplants in Oklahoma.

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Liver Diseases, Disorders and Common Symptoms

Not every liver disease requires a transplant. Learn more about liver transplantation and common liver disorders and symptoms.

Diseases and Disorders of the Liver

Possible Symptoms of Liver Diseases or Disorders

Liver Transplant Services at OU Health

In addition to the surgical transplant procedure, you receive extensive follow-up care and attention, including post-operative clinic visits scheduled by your transplant coordinator, to ensure your full recovery both physically and mentally.