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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

At OU Health, your kidney transplant organ comes from a deceased or living donor, often a family member or other suitable match. The process of transplanting two kidneys at the same time requires a deceased donor. Your surgeon may leave a nonfunctioning kidney in place while transplanting the new one in your lower front abdomen. Your OU Health kidney transplantation and care team includes specialists in nephrology, intensive care, immunology and infectious disease working together for your optimal recovery.

Kidney Diseases, Disorders and Common Symptoms

Not every kidney disease needs a transplant. Learn more about kidney transplantation and common kidney disorders and symptoms.

Kidney Diseases and Disorders

Possible Symptoms of Kidney Disease or Disorder

Kidney Transplant Procedures at OU Health

When you or a loved one need a kidney transplant, you can rely on the expertise of the multidisciplinary kidney transplant team at OU Health who performed Oklahoma’s first kidney transplant and who hold more than 40 years of experience in performing both deceased-donor and living-donor transplants. You benefit from the years of extended training in the nation’s top transplant fellowship programs that these specialists bring to your care.