Pancreas Transplant

Pancreas Transplant

If you or a loved one experience severe complications from Type 1 diabetes and certain Type 2 diabetes conditions, you may need a pancreas transplant. A transplanted pancreas comes from a deceased donor and sometimes coincides with a kidney transplant if the condition relates to kidney failure. During the procedure, your surgeon transplants your kidney at the same time or after the pancreas transplant.

Your OU Health pancreas transplant team evaluates your condition through a comprehensive assessment that includes input from your dialysis center, primary physician or kidney specialist.

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Pancreatic Transplant Procedures at OU Health

Since 1995, surgeons at the OU Health Oklahoma Transplant Center have completed or managed pancreas transplants for hundreds of people, using one of three procedures:

  • Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas (SPK) – For people with kidney failure secondary to Type 1 diabetes; transplants both organs at the same time in one surgical procedure; outcomes include freedom from dialysis and insulin use
  • Pancreas-After-Kidney (PAK) – For selected Type 1 diabetes conditions who already received a kidney transplant
  • Pancreas Transplant Alone (PTA) – For people with Type 1 diabetes who experience hypoglycemic unawareness without kidney failure