Cancer and Aging Services

Cancer and Aging Services

A cancer diagnosis is difficult at any stage of life, and older adults face challenges
requiring specialized attention and care. At OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center in
Oklahoma City, you gain access to one of the few geriatric oncology programs in the
country designed to meet the unique needs of older adults with cancer.

Comprehensive Care for Cancer and Aging

You or your loved one will benefit from the region's only cancer and aging program with
geriatric oncology expertise and specialization; this means you get age-appropriate care
and a customized treatment approach for your particular needs. Your tailored care plan
also incorporates the many cancer-specific services available to you at Stephenson
Cancer Center, such as oncology nutrition, oncology social work, psycho-oncology, cancer
, clinical trials, supportive care and cancer support groups.

Individualized Care for Older Adults with Cancer

You or your loved one may have other health conditions, in addition to cancer, that
requires specialized care and attention, which is exactly what you can expect from the
cancer and aging program at Stephenson Cancer Center. You’ll gain access to a
multidisciplinary team of specialists with extensive expertise and resources available for
your care, as well as ongoing support from your team to guide you through the challenges
of your specific situation.

As part of the comprehensive services and treatments available to you, your healthcare
team will collaborate with your existing oncology team and other medical providers to
develop an individualized treatment approach designed especially for your needs.
Whether you receive cancer treatment from Stephenson Cancer Center or an outside
facility, you’ll benefit from a dedicated team that gives you tailored care and consideration.

Find out how the cancer and aging program can benefit you. Talk to your OU Health oncology team, or call Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City at

Call (405) 271-1112

Age-Friendly Services and Treatments

There are many factors to consider that can influence treatment decisions; chronological age is only part of the equation. During your initial visit, you’ll participate in a compressive assessment with a team, including nurses, advanced practice clinicians and physicians to discuss your current condition and collect information such as:

  • Quality of life, symptoms and current symptom management techniques
  • Caregiver needs and social support structure
  • Preferences for care and what matters most to you
  • Other health and medical conditions that can affect cancer treatments
  • Current diet and nutrition needs
  • Current level of physical activity, ability and stability
  • Home care situation and resources needed
  • Medications that could affect cancer treatments
  • Mental and cognitive health

Your team will assess your overall wellbeing and work with your oncologist to ensure appropriate cancer treatment dosages for your specific situation. Lean on the OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center team to provide support and guidance to help you maintain your quality of life throughout your cancer journey.

Multidisciplinary Cancer and Aging Team

When you choose OU Health, you have access to our multidisciplinary team approach that connects you with professionals who specialize in caring for the unique needs of older adults with cancer. You’ll get the highest level of personalized care with this approach, led by a geriatric oncology team of nurses, advanced practice clinicians, and physicians who specialize in treating older adults with cancer and share a passion for ensuring you receive the best care possible.

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