Oklahoma TSET Phase 1 Program

The Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program at the Stephenson Cancer Center provides an opportunity for cancer patients to participate in “first-in-human” clinical trials to access new and promising investigational agents.

The Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program is ranked among the top 10 Phase I programs in the nation for number of patients participating. It is the only Phase I Program in Oklahoma and surrounding region. To date, the Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program has conducted more than 225 early-phase clinical trials, with more than 1,250 patients participating.

Launched in partnership with Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, TN, the nation’s largest oncology Phase I center, the Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program is advancing the Stephenson Cancer Center’s mission of improving patient outcomes and raising the standard of cancer care of all Oklahomans.

The Stephenson’s Phase I Program is named in recognition of funding support provided by the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET).

What are Phase I trials?

Phase I clinical trials are designed to evaluate a new investigational agent that has not previously been tested in humans. These trials look at the best way to administer the new treatment, determine the best dose that can be given safely, and identify side effects. Typically, only about 15-30 people take part in a Phase I trial. Patients who participate are closely monitored by a dedicated Phase I care team of physicians, research nurses, study coordinators and navigators.

Why should patients consider participating in Phase I trials?

By participating in Phase I clinical trials, cancer patients can access the newest investigational agents, often years before these drugs ever become widely available. Many current Phase I trials are based on the latest personalized and targeted approaches to cancer therapy. For patients with late-stage and advanced cancer, and for those who have not responded to standard lines of therapy, Phase I clinical trials can offer some of the most aggressive options for treatment.

Participating in a Phase I Clinical Trial

Patients who are interested in participating in a Phase I clinical trial should contact the Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program (see below for contact information). A staff member will be in contact to discuss the patient's medical history. It is important to note that not all patients will meet the eligibility criteria for a specific Phase I clinical trial.

If a patient is a potential candidate for an active trial, he or she will be scheduled for a screening and consultation visit. During the screening visit, a program staff member will discuss in detail the Phase I drug, the protocol involved with monitoring the drug, and any known side effects. Patients and caregivers should use this time to ask questions about participation, potential benefits and risks, etc.

If a patient is interested and eligible to participate in a Phase I trial, he or she will be asked to sign an “informed consent” document. After signing this document, the research team will conduct screening tests and procedures to determine whether the patient is eligible to participate.

Contact Information

Oklahoma TSET Phase I Program
P: (405) 271-8778

For Phase I Program referrals, please email:

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