Family Caregiver Resources

Family Caregivers of those individuals living with Dementia are a vital part of the team. Education and information is critical for continued care in either a home based or more clinical setting. OkDCN team offers education opportunities for all caregivers, at no cost.

The Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative (OHAI) provides these two classes in person and virtually throughout the state of Oklahoma:

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

This six week class is designed to help caregivers take better care of themselves while they are caring for a friend or relative. For more information please visit the homepage for Powerful Tools For Caregivers

Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind

This four week class helps older adults understand the many ways they can maintain a healthy brain. Through twelve different methods – such as establishing good habits and routines, physical activity and nutrition – participants will learn how to improve their physical and mental health. For more information please visit OHAI Classes | Healthcare Services in Oklahoma (

To learn more about caregiver classes in your area, or to register a class please email:

Additional Resources

There are many resources available for Family Caregivers. Please take a look at some of the resources provided below: