Project ECHO

In partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the University of New Mexico Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Options), the Oklahoma Dementia Care Network is pleased to to be a host institution for Project ECHO in Oklahoma.

The national model for Project ECHO uses a hub-and-spoke telementoring model to move knowledge, instead of people. Through participation in weekly virtual clinics with teams of specialist mentors, healthcare professionals in rural and underserved areas acquire the expertise they need to treat patient with complex health problems.

Oklahoma Dementia Care Network's Project ECHO specifically focuses on age-friendly nursing home and community care topics. These sessions will help professional and family caregivers gain important skills and capabilities designed to improve care for older Oklahomans living with memory disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

How Our Project ECHO Works

Through our Project ECHO, we provide a collaborative model of virtual education for health professionals that empowers long term care, community based services staff and caregivers, especially in rural communities, to provide specialty geriatric care and resources to more people, right where they live.

  • Interactive
  • Co-management of Cases
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning

The format of an ECHO is a clinical case presentation by either the content expert or a team member followed by a 30-45 minute informational presentation delivered by the ECHO Hub Team.

How are Patient Care Needs Addressed?

Training nursing homes through HIPPA-compliant, technology-enabled collaborative learning.

  • Addressing geriatric health concerns
  • Conducting regular sessions to discuss specialized topics relevant to nursing homes using case-based learning to determine best treatment options
  • Providing local, state and national resources to best assist older adults who remain living in the community
  • Family and Professional Caregiver information and education to improve caregiver self care and to provide education and resources to assist them in their caregiving journey

There is no cost to join an ECHO session. Free NAB credits for nursing home administrators.

ECHO Series

Age-Friendly Nursing Home ECHO

Each of our Age-Friendly Nursing Home ECHO consists of a 30 minute information presentation that includes a clinical case study as well as a 15-20 minute Quality Improvement presentation. Our first Age-Friendly ECHO series began in October 2021. Previous series resources are still available to view and download. Each of our Age-Friendly Nursing Home ECHO sessions focus on the 4M’s of Age-Friendly Care: What Matters Most, Medications, Mentation and Mobility.

Dates, topics, and previous series resources can be found, here.

Age-Friendly Caregiver ECHO

Each of our Age-Friendly Caregiver ECHO sessions will consist of a 40 minute informational presentation delivered by a content experts who works regularly with family and professional caregivers. The final 20 minutes of this fully virtual session will be dedicated to case studies and interaction between caregivers and the ECHO Hub Team.

Dates, topics, and previous series resources can be found here

Age-Friendly Community Resources ECHO

The Age-Friendly Community Resource ECHO was developed for Community Health Workers, Discharge Planners, Outreach Workers and other professionals who work with those older adults who are residing in the community. These ECHO sessions have a 40 - 45 minute educational presentation by a content expert in the field and provides resources for those participants to use during their work.

Dates, topics, and previous series resources can be found here.