Research Resources & Core Services

Enhance your research projects and research experience by working with experts in geroscience who also dedicate their professional efforts to sharing their knowledge and skills with upcoming generations of researchers. That’s the supportive atmosphere you’ll enjoy at Oklahoma Center for Geroscience and Healthy Brain Aging in Oklahoma City.

Extensive Research Resources

As a geroscience researcher at the Oklahoma Center, your projects benefit from a wide range of basic and novel resources, tools, software, equipment and facilities designed for best practices, innovative projects and complex investigations in the field of aging and age-related disease.

You also may gain access to extensive research facilities and core services available through the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC).

Research Core Services

Oklahoma Center for Geroscience and Healthy Brain Agingand its partnerships provide these research core services:

  • Administrative services, including recruitment, mentoring, statistics
  • Animal model development and behavioral analysis (AMD-BA), including water maze, tissue bank, 16 behavioral assessment phenotypers – automated home cage testing apparatus that can record spontaneous animal (mice) behaviors over four days/nights
  • Molecular analysis and cellular imaging (MACI), including imaging, image analysis, photon and cranial window technique, slide preparation
  • Program enhancement through the annual Geroscience Symposium and more
  • Research development, with access to expertise and collaborators, as well as innovative instruments for studying complex problems
  • Geroscience redox biology to evaluate elements of oxidative metabolism and oxidative stress
  • Multiplexing protein analysis to determine dynamic regulation of individual proteins
  • Genomic sciences, including unique assays of DNA modifications and mitochondrial genome
  • Geroinformatics, with statistical and bioinformatics support for data analysis using predictive methods from novel original software

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T32 Professional Research Training Opportunities

Early-career researchers may qualify for opportunities supported by a T32 research training grant at Oklahoma Center for Geroscience and Healthy Brain Aging. T32 training helps develop valuable research skills and includes benefits from professional mentorship.

Join Oklahoma’s Geroscience Professionals

As a clinician, educator or researcher working in the area of age-related disease, you’re encouraged to become a member of the Oklahoma Center for Geroscience and Healthy Brain Aging. Join our broad effort to better understand the aging process, reduce disease and improve quality of life as we all get older.

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National Funding Support for Oklahoma

Oklahoma Center for Geroscience and Healthy Brain Aging is funded in part by an Institutional Development Award (IDeA) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health.