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About Oklahoma Center for Gerosciences & Healthy Brain Aging

Since the 1920s, as human lifespan nearly doubled, the idea of healthy aging became an achievable goal for many people. Now, innovations in medical care and scientific research about healthy aging and age-related diseases expand the possibility of living well for an extended period, even when faced with illness, impairment or chronic health conditions.

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Learn more about clinical care services, extensive basic science and translational research, and professional research training opportunities at Oklahoma Center for Geroscience.

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Combining Research & Direct Care for Healthy Aging

At OU Health Oklahoma Center for Geroscience in Oklahoma City, geriatric medicine physicians and geroscience researchers in both basic science and translational science collaborate to better understand the aging process and healthy brain aging as they also discover, develop and deliver effective treatments for a wide range of age-related diseases.

Geroscience Clinical Care at OU Health

Healty Aging clinical care and services at OU Health offer many options. Individuals, families and caregivers may take advantage of local community-based and age-related health and wellness programs, along with personalized care management services designed for Oklahoma’s older population.Everyone may benefit from specialized geroscience services – including treatment for memory care and brain conditions (neurodegenerative diseases), as well as physical conditions such as osteoporosis – available in cooperation with OU Health geriatric medicine services, physicians and specialists in Oklahoma City and across the state.

    Oklahoma’s Aging Networks & OU Health Providers

    Several organizations receive support from OU Health Oklahoma Center for Geroscience to provide statewide residents and healthcare workers with community connections, health and medical services, education and professional training in the latest approaches to healthy aging. Learn more about:

    Research at Oklahoma Center for Geroscience

    OU Health Oklahoma Center for Geroscience conducts two types of research focused on age-related disorders and healthy brain aging.

    Basic science research involves services and facilities such as:

    Translational research includes:

    Professional Training in Geroscience Research

    Because the field of geroscience requires specialized research skills, techniques, tools and facilities, OU Health Oklahoma Center for Geroscience offers professional research training programs, extensive resources and research grants to support early-career professional investigators in this emerging field. Learn more about:

    Join Oklahoma’s Geroscience Professionals

    OU Health Oklahoma Center for Geroscience encourages clinicians, educators or researchers working in the area of age-related disease to become members of the Center and get involved in the broad effort to better understand the aging process and healthy brain aging, not only to reduce disease but also to increase quality of life as we all get older.

    View our leadership team and contact us to find out how you can partner with OU Health Oklahoma Center for Geroscience.

    National Funding Support for Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Center for Geroscience is funded in part by an Institutional Development Award (IDeA) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health.

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