Enhancing the OU Health Patient Experience

As the family and friends of a loved one hospitalized at an OU Health facility or as someone facing your own hospital stay, you’re an essential part of the healthcare team. That means we’re here to work creatively with you so, together, we can assure the best possible care and outcomes for you or your loved one.

Family Involvement Improves Patient Care

When you and your family stay involved in your own care or in caring for your hospitalized loved one, you help reduce anxiety, improve outcomes, reduce the length of the hospital stay and create better plans for when you or your loved one leave the hospital, all of which help decrease the chance for readmission.

Enhancing Your OU Health Experience

Beyond the expert medical care and exceptional support services you or your loved one receive at OU Health, you benefit from the latest medical and communication technologies, up-to-date amenities in comfortable patient rooms and throughout all hospital areas, a welcoming atmosphere and hundreds of friendly, helpful staff focused on making your hospital stay as positive and pleasant as possible.

Check Current Visitor Policies

To help everyone deal with the challenges of visiting a hospital or doctor during the coronavirus pandemic, check the latest OU Health visitor policies before your appointment to keep yourself aware of updates that may occur regularly due to changes in the risk for COVID-19 in our community.

Patient Experience Liaisons

During a hospital stay, if you or a loved one are limited to one or no visitors, your OU Health patient experience liaison can provide you with virtual tools that make it easy for you to keep connected with family and loved ones.

EASE Applications™ Operating Room Update App

Get up-to-date information about your loved one’s progress during a hospital stay or surgical procedure with the EASE™ (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) app, available for iPhone and Android phones.

You can download this HIPAA-compliant app, an optional service from OU Health, to create a secure way for you and other family members to receive information from your loved one’s medical team throughout the surgical procedure or hospital stay. Find out more about the EASE app.

Your Feedback Matters

Your feedback about your experiences at OU Health hospitals, clinics and offices helps us keep improving the ways we care for you. We want to know what you think about your visits to OU Health facilities and during your appointments with OU Health providers.

After your visit, you’ll receive a survey from NRC, the National Research Center, where you can tell us about your OU Health experiences. We value your participation in the survey and look forward to receiving your comments. Learn more about NRC surveys.