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OU Health Partners Board of Directors

  • Anne Clouse
    Matt Atkins, M.D.

    Chief Medical Information Officer, OU Health
    Internal Medicine Physician

  • Sara Parcell
    Ryan Brown, M.D.

    Pediatric Emergency Room Physician, Oklahoma Children’s Hospital
    Medical Director, Child Protection Team

  • Sara Jacobson
    LaTasha Craig, M.D.

    Medical Director, OU Health Reproductive Medicine
    Section Chief, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, OU College of Medicine

  • Jordan Parsons
    Ian Dunn, MD

    Chief Physician Executive
    Department Chair, Neurosurgery, OU College of Medicine

  • Jennifer Vann
    Catherine Hunter, M.D.

    Program Director, Pediatric Surgery, Oklahoma Children’s Hospital
    Section Chief, Pediatric Surgery, OU College of Medicine

  • Jennifer Vann
    Rachel Franklin, M.D.

    Physician Executive, Primary Care and Community Health Division
    Family Medicine Physician

  • Jennifer Vann
    Lee Jennings, M.D.

    Section Chief, Geriatric Medicine, OU College of Medicine

  • Jennifer Vann
    Robert Mannel, M.D

    Physician Executive, Cancer Division
    Director, OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center

  • Jennifer Vann
    Cameron Mantor, M.D.

    Physician Executive, Pediatric Division, OU Health
    Pediatric Surgeon

  • Jennifer Vann
    Abby Moeller, P.A.

    Urologic Cancers Provider, OU Health Stephenson Cancer
    * Non-voting participant

  • Jennifer Vann
    Jason Sanders, M.D., MBA

    Provost, OU Health Sciences Center
    Internal Medicine Physician

  • Jennifer Vann
    Geoffrey Taylor, M.D.

    Director of Anesthesia, OU Health University of Oklahoma Medical Center
    Section Chief of Adult Anesthesiology, OU College of Medicine

  • Jennifer Vann
    David Teague, M.D.

    Physician Executive, Adult Division, OU Health
    Chair, Department of Orthopedics, OU College of Medicine

  • Jennifer Vann
    Jim Watson

    Chief Financial Officer, OU Health

  • Jennifer Vann
    Marvin Williams, D.O.

    Medical Director, OU Health Prenatal Diagnostic Center
    Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician

  • Jennifer Vann
    John Zubialde, M.D.

    Dean, OU College of Medicine

  • Jennifer Vann
    Megan Keenan, DPN, APRN

    Chief of Advanced Practice Providers, OU Health