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Stand up for small.

They're fighting cancer, but now Blue Cross Blue Shield is their biggest threat.

OU Health Physicians cares for our state’s smallest patients – including those at our pediatric cancer center. They leave our building with hope of beating a life-threatening illness – but now Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is their biggest threat. Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to undervalue our pediatric experts, and enough is enough.

OU Health Physicians is working to negotiate a contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, an out-of-state insurance company headquartered in Chicago with an Oklahoma subsidiary location in Tulsa. We have been unable to finalize the terms for a renewal because Blue Cross and Blue Shield refuses to pay Oklahoma’s only multispecialty, research-driven physician group, OU Health Physicians, at the same level as what other national insurance companies pay for those same services.

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Oklahomans need access to world-class, research-driven healthcare, close to home.

Without access to OU Health Physicians, individuals may be forced to drive more than 300 miles to receive this type of care. OU Health Physicians provide expert and unique specialty care, including Oklahoma’s only:

OU Health Physicians make up Oklahoma’s largest:

Where We are Now

Blue Cross Blue Shield's most recent offer to OU Health Physicians was actually lower than the rates in our current contract. They are using their dominance in the Oklahoma market to drive down reimbursement to all providers in Oklahoma. These unacceptable antics are being implemented at a time when their parent company is enjoying soaring profits and excessive executive bonuses.
  • Bonuses paid to BCBS executives far exceed the supposedly “excessive” asks of OU Health Physicians.
  • Oklahoma is nearly 50th in the nation for the number of physicians it has compared to the number needed to serve its people.
  • It is getting more difficult to recruit and retain the type of healthcare talent Oklahomans need and deserve.
  • Our ability to recruit and retain is directly tied to the reimbursements we receive from BCBS for our services.

Remember. OU Health Physician’s request for fair reimbursements is not excessive, unrealistic or more than what we already receive from other health insurance companies. OU Health Physicians is not driving up your healthcare costs. We are asking Blue Cross Blue Shield to invest in Oklahoma healthcare - not executive bonuses and soaring profits.

Stand up for small.

Take action and advocate for Oklahoma's smallest patients.
Call (405) 271-5258 or send us a message.

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