Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Digestive health disorders affecting your gastrointestinal (GI) tract can cause problems ranging from mild to serious. That’s why you want to understand your symptoms and start early to get an accurate diagnosis for issues related to digestion.

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Digestive Health Services Close to Home

If you or a loved one live with a digestive disorder, take advantage of the team-based approach to care from OU Health Physicians digestive disease specialists in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. You benefit from a full range of diagnostic procedures including colonoscopy, upper GI endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), liver and small-bowel biopsy and tests related to the esophagus, stomach and bowels.

When you choose OU Health, you’ll find holistic, patient-centered care and comprehensive treatment involving a variety of options, ranging from lifestyle changes and health maintenance programs to medications and surgical procedures using the latest techniques and advanced technology to address your specific situation.

Digestive Health Conditions We Treat

Work with the digestive health experts at OU Health for a precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plan to address digestive conditions such as:

Expert Treatments & Services for Digestive Health

In addition to comprehensive diagnostic testing and therapies for digestive diseases, you benefit from OU Health Physicians experts with extensive specialty training in gastrointestinal cancers, diseases of the bile ducts and pancreas, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gastroesophageal reflux disease and gastrointestinal (GI) motility disorders.

Advanced Endoscopy

At OU Health, you and your care team will work with advanced endoscopy specialists who use the latest endoscopic techniques to diagnose and expertly treat a wide range of digestive conditions. Through your multidisciplinary OU Health team, you gain access to the most advanced treatments, services and procedures available nowhere else in Oklahoma, including:

You also may benefit from the digestive health experts and resources at the OU Health advanced GI motility diagnostic center that offers innovative methods to control symptoms and improve your quality of life.

GI Motility Testing

If you experience difficulty swallowing or heartburn symptoms that don’t respond to medication, ask your doctor for a referral to gastrointestinal (GI) motility experts at OU Health. You’ll find high resolution motility tests capable of identifying abnormal contractions of the esophagus that help your GI care team identify the optimal treatment for you.

When you work with OU Health Physicians highly trained GI motility scientists and physicians, you gain access to specialized assessments for weakened anal sphincter muscles or poor coordination of anal muscles that lead to accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of rectal incontinence or chronic constipation. Following the tests, you may take part in biofeedback therapy, a behavioral treatment designed to improve your symptoms without the need for surgery.

Colon Cancer Screening

Take advantage of OU Health Physicians gastroenterology team, Oklahoma’s leading provider for colonoscopy, the most common colorectal cancer screening test in the United States based on the ability to prevent cancer before it occurs.

For the greatest cancer prevention impact, you want to work with the extensively trained gastroenterologists at OU Health in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. These experts perform your colonoscopy and they also closely monitor the widely published quality-related measurements for physician effectiveness in detecting precancerous polyps to ensure you receive the highest quality of care in the region.

Your Expert Care Team for Digestive Health

You and your primary care doctor work with OU Health Physicians board-certified, nationally distinguished gastroenterologists and a wide range of specialists from multiple healthcare disciplines. Everyone comes together as a team to focus on developing an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan that meets your particular needs and fits your specific condition.

In addition to you and your gastroenterologist, your multidisciplinary team may include radiologists and other specialists from OU Health Physicians Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) program who collaborate to deliver the latest approved therapies.

Your IBD support care at OU Health extends beyond face-to-face visits with your physicians. You can also communicate directly with your gastroenterologist through our online patient portal or physician telehealth visits or you can get your questions answered by qualified nurses over the phone.

You receive all your care and treatment within the OU Health system and benefit from the knowledge of experienced healthcare professionals who also teach the next generation of providers.

You can take advantage of evidence-based treatments resulting from scientific research conducted through our academic health center. And, depending on your situation, you also may qualify to participate in clinical trials taking place in Oklahoma City.

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