Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) Treatment

Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) Treatment

Stomach acid that occasionally backs up into your esophagus, known as acid reflux or heartburn, may just feel uncomfortable. But if you experience this event regularly, the resulting damage to tissues in your esophagus may lead to difficulty swallowing or a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Over the long term, the situation may even result in esophageal cancer.

Visit with an OU Health Physicians digestive health specialist to discuss ongoing symptoms such as:

  • Acid/bitter taste in the throat or mouth
  • Burning sensation in chest or throat
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Stomach or chest pain
  • Unexplained sore throat
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Acid Reflux Treatments

Treatment for acid reflux may begin with recommendations for dietary changes or daily medication. You and your OU Health gastroenterologist will review the diagnostic testing to help otimize your treatment. For some patients this evaluation can help determine if you’re a candidate for a minimally invasive or open surgical procedure to strengthen the valve between the esophagus and stomach to prevent acid back-up. Surgical options include:

  • Fundoplication – Minimally invasive laparoscopic or open procedure to restructure the valve at the top of the stomach
  • LINX implant – Minimally invasive procedure, known as magnetic sphincter augmentation (MSA), to insert a device that helps reduce dependence on daily medication to control reflux; does not surgically alter the stomach or esophagus; device lasts for your lifetime but may be easily removed, if necessary

Typical results for acid reflux treatments include reduced heartburn or the need for daily medication, reduced regurgitation and improvement in your quality of life.

Barrett's Esophagus

Barrett's esophagus is a condition related to longstanding acid reflux disease. Barrett’s esophagus can be associated with a future risk of esophageal cancer and ongoing treatment and monitoring is essential. Your OU Health gastroenterologist can help determine if you have this condition and determine the best treatment to lower your risk of cancer. OU Health is the only center in the region providing comprehensive treatment of Barrett’s esophagus and early esophageal cancer with specialized endoscopic treatments typically coordinated in a multidisciplinary team of esophageal disease experts.

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