For Oklahoma Health Center Providers

"Where do I refer my patient for diabetes management support?"

The Oklahoma Health Center campus is large and offers a diverse range of patient services from one building or institution to the next. You may find it challenging to navigate your patient with diabetes to the resource that’s right for her or him.

This PDF document, Non-Physician Diabetes Management Resources across the Oklahoma Health Center, profiles each organization on our campus that provides diabetes management (DM) resources and catalogs their DM programs for easy reference. Participating organizations include:

  • OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center
  • Harold Hamm Diabetes Center-Children’s
  • OU Health Physicians Family Medicine Center
  • OU Health University of Oklahoma Medical Center
  • OU Prenatal Diagnostic Center (in conjunction with Oklahoma Children’s Hospital and the Women’s & Newborn Center)
  • VA Medical Center
  • Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative

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NOTE: This resource is intended for internal use by healthcare professionals. If you are a patient, your physician is your best resource for navigating the range of services ideal for your needs.

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