Diabetes Research Membership Information

This page contains the full text of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center’s Membership Policy.

Membership Policy


The mission of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center is to encourage and promote the advancement of:

  • innovative diabetes research focused on progress toward a cure,
  • comprehensive multidisciplinary diabetes patient care, and
  • healthy lifestyle and diabetes prevention programs.

The Harold Hamm Diabetes Center Membership Policy plays a central role in accomplishing this mission by:

  1. Linking together through membership those working in diabetes and diabetes related fields, and
  2. Allocating center resources to members to advance their work.

The Membership Policy recognizes that a productive comprehensive diabetes center at an academic health center must be dedicated to the growth of diabetes research, clinical care, and prevention programs. In large part, this is successfully achieved through opportunities that encourage the full participation of basic and clinical investigators, physicians and allied healthcare providers, public health specialists, and other healthcare professionals across various departments and other entities. The Membership Policy helps achieve this goal through coordinating, supporting, and promoting the growth of diabetes programs at the University of Oklahoma and affiliated institutions through a variety of shared resources and funding opportunities, as well as bringing together investigators and physicians from relevant disciplines in a manner that will enhance and extend the effectiveness of their work.

Benefits of Membership

Members of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center represent a coalition of diabetes-focused professionals in diverse areas of interest and work, including investigators, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals. Through a combination of events, lectures, meetings, and other opportunities, members are exposed to a variety of viewpoints and expertise, often broader than they otherwise would traditionally encounter within their own academic disciplines or programmatic homes. This creates a culture of innovation and collaboration, enabling members to view issues from multiple perspectives and allowing them to call upon the talents, wisdom and knowledge of their colleagues to advance their work and the field of diabetes.

Members also have the opportunity to both a) apply for a variety of funding awards, and b) utilize shared resources, such as core facilities, to further develop their work.


A variety of funding awards are available to HHDC members only to develop and enhance their work. The Membership Policy governs the allocation of awards of funding and shared resources on a competitive basis. Each academic year, a schedule of awards will be released and available online. Additional awards may be announced as funding becomes available. View Current Award Opportunities

Core Facilities and Shared Resources

Diabetic Animal Core | induction, monitoring and maintenance of diabetic animals and coordinates the sharing of diabetic animal tissues. Services include: 1) Technical support and consultation for induction of diabetes in animal models; 2) Supply diabetic animal tissues for research; 3) Breed and maintain commonly used diabetic animals for research.

Histology and Imaging Core | tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, and histochemical and immunohistochemical staining of mounted slides, for both paraffin embedded and cryo-preserved tissue preparations; expertise to obtain microscopic images with light, epifluorescent, and Nomarski optics; software for morphometric analysis; and production of publication-quality images.

Investigator-Initiated Studies Resources |access to equipment and exam rooms at a free or discounted cost for developing and managing investigator-initiated studies.

Click here for more about core facilities for members

Eligibility & Membership Categories

Faculty and healthcare professional staff in any discipline who are actively engaged in diabetes and diabetes-related work in research, clinical care, and prevention from the University of Oklahoma (Health Sciences Center, Norman or Tulsa campuses); Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation; Oklahoma State University; or other affiliated not-for-profit institutions within the state of Oklahoma.
Members will be classified into the following categories of membership based on the minimum criteria listed below for each category, and other criteria deemed necessary.

Member | Faculty appointees (or their institutional equivalent) at any level who maintain diabetes as a primary and ongoing focus of their work; OR non-faculty with a terminal degree.
(Note: post-docs eligible for Trainee Member category below only)

Associate Member |Healthcare professionals without (a) a faculty appointment (or their institutional equivalent), or (b) a terminal degree, who maintain diabetes as a primary and ongoing focus of their work.

Trainee Member | Those in accredited training or educational programs, including undergraduate and graduate students, residents, fellows, post-docs, and interns who demonstrate and maintain a focus on diabetes or related work as part of their training or educational program.

Affiliate Member | Healthcare professionals who participate in diabetes or diabetes-related activities and demonstrate a commitment to the mission and goals of the HHDC, but do not meet the minimum requirements of a membership category above.

Responsibilities of Membership

All HHDC members are expected to actively participate in HHDC endeavors through:

  • Maintaining active diabetes-focused work in research, clinical care, or prevention.
  • Participating regularly in HHDC-sponsored seminars, events, and committees.
  • Stating their membership level and affiliation with Harold Hamm Diabetes Center as part of their title, to be included in any instance where their title is referenced, including CVs, correspondence, e-mail signatures, presentations, and publications.
  • Acknowledging Harold Hamm Diabetes Center as contributing to their work where applicable, including, but not limited to, their use of HHDC funding, resources, and facilities.
  • Being responsive and providing regular updates to HHDC Administration regarding recent publications, grants, program development, program results, and other accomplishments or developments that advance the mission of the center.
  • Collaborating with other HHDC members to further Center research mission and goals

Seeking and supporting their work primarily through all potentially available funding sources, including but not limited to grant funding, clinical revenues, program revenues, etc., and utilizing support from HHDC as a means to supplement available funding sources.

Application Process and Renewal

To apply for membership, please complete and submit a Membership Application along with all required materials. Applications for membership are evaluated on an ongoing basis. Applicants will be notified of the decision regarding their application within 30 days of submitting a complete application consisting of all application materials.
Members must request renewal of their membership every three years and demonstrate their work continues to advance the mission of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center and principles and vision of the Membership Policy set forth herein.


For more information, e-mail hhdcmembership@ouhsc.edu or contact Lark Zink in HHDC Administration at 405-271-2824.

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