Administrative & Mentoring Core

The Administrative and Mentoring Core is responsible for the overall administration of the COBRE, including selecting the PJIs and mentors, establishing the mentoring program, overseeing the overall budget, organizing meetings of the External Advisory Committee and Internal Advisory Committee, organizing the COBRE seminar series, interacting with all the core directors and PJIs, following the progress and milestones of the PJI's projects, and submitting progress reports to NIGMS.

This core also works closely with the Provost of the OU Health Sciences and the Dean of the College of Medicine to recruit new investigators to Oklahoma through the OUHSC's Research Strategic Plan for developing research at Stephenson Cancer Center.

Danny N. Dhanasekaran, PhD

Administrative Coordinator
Barbara A. Turek

Administrative Assistant
Alisha Booth

Usage Acknowledgement

If research supported by Stephenson Cancer Center core facilities results in a publication or news release, please acknowledge this support in your manuscript. Following publication, please send us one of your reprints for our records.