Endocrinology for Children

Endocrinology for Children

If your child experiences certain hormone-related conditions or unusual changes in weight, energy or growth, an endocrinology disorder may play a role.

Children’s Endocrinology Services Nearby

Find the individualized treatment your child needs for their specific situation when you work with the expert pediatric endocrinologists at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Your child benefits from the latest advancements in children’s endocrinology research conducted on our academic medical center campus in Oklahoma City and at partner sites across the region and around the world. Through our team-based approach, your child’s care plan encompasses a variety of the best options currently available for care and treatment, including potential participation in clinical trials close to home.

Compassionate Care for Pediatric Endocrine-Related Disorders

Choose the children’s endocrinology specialists at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital for continuous collaboration with a compassionate team of healthcare professionals who ensure your child receives a thorough evaluation and extensive expert care. You also gain access to a wide range of treatments and services for pediatric glandular, hormonal and metabolic conditions, such as:

Metabolic Bone Disease Program

If your child lives with a bone disease or disorder related to calcium or phosphorus metabolism, you can get a comprehensive bone health assessment through Oklahoma Children’s Hospital’s metabolic bone disease program. This multidisciplinary service involves healthcare professionals from many specialties, including genetics and behavioral health, who work with you to develop a personalized care plan for your child’s specific situation.

Your child may benefit from the expertise of board-certified pediatric endocrinologists, certified clinical densitometrists, board-certified geneticists, genetic counselors and other professionals with ongoing interest in metabolic bone diseases and conditions such as:

Turner Syndrome Program

For expert medical care and support of the rare chromosomal disorder in female children known as Turner syndrome (TS), choose the comprehensive Turner syndrome program at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. Symptoms of this condition vary with age but may include:

As part of our Turner Syndrome program, your child receives comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team of specialists in endocrinology, genetics, audiology, ear/nose/throat conditions, cardiology, nephrology, urology, vascular medicine and reproductive endocrinology.


For differences related to sexual development (DSD) in children, especially when gender cannot be determined at birth, get compassionate, evidence-based care and expert information through OU Health’s SUCCEED program, Oklahoma’s only service for people of all ages affected by DSD and their parents, families and healthcare providers. OU Health’s multidisciplinary team of pediatric and adult healthcare specialists deliver a wide range of care and services for SUCCEED participants, such as:

  • DSD diagnosis determination, when possible
  • Medical and surgical treatment recommendations, when possible
  • Medical and surgical care
  • Education, information and support for your child, family and healthcare professionals who serve you
  • Research that helps expand understanding of DSD causes and treatments

World-Renowned Diabetes Care for Children

Take advantage of world-leading diabetes research, comprehensive care for pediatric diabetes and extensive options related to diabetes treatment for children through OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Your Pediatric Endocrinology Care Team

When you choose Oklahoma Children’s Hospital to diagnose and treat your child’s endocrine-related condition, you work with a multidisciplinary team of compassionate healthcare professionals who hold extensive expertise in the effects of such situations on the health and well-being of young people, especially those living with chronic endocrine conditions.

With the team-based approach and resources of OU Health’s academic medical center, you and your child benefit from diverse perspectives of specialists from across the healthcare spectrum who focus on your child’s particular situation. To ensure you receive the best possible care and outcomes, your child’s care team may include board-certified endocrinologists, pediatric nurse specialists, clinical psychologists, board-certified geneticists, genetic counselors, behavioral health professionals, researchers and many others.

As a member of the Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation or Cherokee Nation, you can rely on Oklahoma Children’s Hospital’s endocrinology team for community-based care and treatment of endocrine conditions, including diabetes, as well as research initiatives designed directly for your benefit.

Explore Special Pediatric Endocrinology Programs

Find out more about OU Health’s special programs for pediatric endocrinology conditions related to metabolic bone disease and Turner syndrome or the SUCCEED Program for anyone affected by DSD.

Call (405) 271-6764 in Oklahoma City or (918) 619-4803 in Tulsa.
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