If you or a loved one experience unexplained changes in your health, you may have an endocrine disorder — which means the hormone feedback mechanism of the endocrine system isn’t working properly.

Complete Endocrine System Care Near You

While endocrine disorders don’t display common symptoms or causes, they can affect a wide range of body functions such as growth, energy levels or your reproductive system. For any such health changes you notice, seek testing and treatment from endocrinology specialists at OU Health in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

Endocrine, Metabolic & Hormone Disorders

Because diagnosing endocrine disorders presents challenges, your OU Health endocrinologist uses a thorough approach to testing, including urine and blood tests or advanced imaging of the endocrine glands that may relate to your symptoms. Your treatment options vary, but you and your doctor may choose from a variety of medications, synthetic hormone or surgery to treat disorders such as:

Your Endocrinology Treatment Team

Depend on your expert endocrinology team at OU Health for a care plan tailored to your specific situation that may include participation in clinical trials programs, such as those offered at OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center. Your endocrinologist also collaborates with physicians from multiple disciplines to provide you with the comprehensive care that best fits your particular condition.

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