Corporate Health & Wellness

Corporate Health & Wellness

When you and your organization’s executive leadership stay healthy and well, your vitality allows you to meet the demands of a busy professional life and help the entire enterprise thrive. But as a company leader, you often face tight schedules, extensive travel, long hours, interpersonal challenges and significant demands on your time. You may not always put your own health in the spotlight. Take advantage of OU Health Physicians concierge Corporate Health & Wellness Program to conveniently support your healthcare needs while meeting the demands of your busy work schedule.

Superior Preventive Health Services to Fit Your Executive Life

Get the healthcare services and support you need to make the most of your active life through the OU Health Physicians Corporate Health & Wellness Program based in Oklahoma City.

You benefit from comprehensive care that treats you as a whole person and addresses your individual needs. That entails forward-looking preventive care and screenings for all aspects of your health, with everything intended to help you stay well and at the top of your profession. Such an investment in your well-being also supports a sound bottom line for your company and its leaders.

Comprehensive Care with Streamlined Scheduling

Through the Corporate Health & Wellness Program at OU Health Physicians, you receive a continuing course of care over time involving a wide array of important health screenings and evaluations customized for your specific situation and efficiently arranged to meet the ongoing demands of your busy schedule.

Designed to deliver top-quality service while limiting disruptions to your busy executive life, your entire appointment takes less than a day. In a thorough examination tailored to your age, gender, and personal and family medical history, as well as workplace demands, you also receive expert physician recommendations, with most results ready to review with your executive care provider before you leave.

Foundational Evaluation Components

For a precise, in-depth examination of every aspect of your health, the foundation for each visit involves extensive consultations to cover standard elements, such as:

  • Review of your health history, lab and screening results, and lifestyle concerns
  • Cardiovascular screenings such as an exercise treadmill test, cardiovascular stress echo test and an electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Laboratory testing with complete blood counts and same day results in most cases
  • Prostate exam and PSA blood test for men
  • Pap smear, bone density testing and mammogram for women
  • Body composition analysis using InBody device
  • Private consultation with a registered dietitian (RD)
  • Private consultation with a certified personal trainer
  • Diagnostic imaging including current MRI/CT scanning technology
  • Wide range of employer-requested immunizations

Added Convenience with Specialty Services

Use your time even more wisely during your corporate health and wellness appointments at OU Health by enhancing your visit with specialty options such as:

  • Massage services
  • Surgery consultations
  • Botox® and dermal fillers
  • Sunspot reversal therapy
  • Laser hair removal
  • Photofacial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Sclerotherapy

What to Expect

For your appointment check-in time scheduled between 6:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., you’re greeted promptly by your Executive Care Navigator who escorts you to all appointments and coordinates all your provider visits, so you experience little to no wait throughout the day.

  • Morning appointment – Lab, imaging and other diagnostic tests performed early in the day while fasting
  • Light, healthy meals – Provided by local café Soup Soup; “Executive Approved Menu” of healthy and energizing options for breakfast and lunch
  • Wellness service consultations – Holistic approach to proactive health and wellness care, including:
    • Nutritional assessment with our registered dietitian; one-hour consultation to review current nutritional habits and individual health/wellness goals; collaborate to create meal recommendations and a “nutrition prescription”
    • Fitness assessment with our Certified Personal Trainer (CPT); consultation about your goals and best ways to meet them; receive a detailed report and an “exercise prescription;” mini-workout demo session provided
  • Comprehensive physical consultation – Specialized OU Health Physicians Internal Medicine provider conducts a one-hour thorough exam and discusses all health and lifestyle concerns, as well as findings from lab and diagnostic tests; comprehensive recommendations and health improvement plan; if needed, additional tests and evaluation scheduled at your convenience
  • Results – Most reports available on your appointment day and reviewed with you by your Executive Physical Provider; supported by take-home health folder with results and recommendations; complete detailed report of consultation sessions and all results mailed to you

Throughout your visit, you always have access to complimentary Wi-Fi.

Your Nationally Ranked Executive Physical Services Team

In your focused, extensive and deliberate consultations, you’ll engage with OU Health Physicians executive physical services teams, including internal medicine physicians, who understand how multiple organ systems in your body work together, and who take the time to get to know you and your particular situation and health needs.

Rest assured you’re in good hands throughout the process because your OU Health Physicians healthcare providers rank nationally in the top two percent for patient satisfaction among such prestigious peers as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Medicine, UCLA, Mount Sinai and Yale University.

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