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Finding Prostate Cancer Sooner with 3T MRI-Guided Fusion Biopsy

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Details: OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center is home to a unique 3T MRI-guided fusion biopsy that uses stored and real-time data for enhanced prostate cancer detection. This technology gives our doctors better information with less need for repeat biopsies.

With diagnostic tools like 3T MRI-guided fusion biopsies, our team is dedicated to finding your cancer sooner. A quicker diagnosis means less harm to healthy tissue - and most importantly, it means getting you back to what you love quicker.

Join us for a virtual “Doc Talk” with urologic oncologist, Kelly Stratton, M.D., to learn more about 3T MRI-guided fusion biopsy technology and other advanced screening, detection and treatment options available to men. After a brief talk, attendees will be able to engage in a Q&A with Dr. Stratton. Registration
  • Price: Free
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