OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center Installs New Radiosurgery Varian Edge Machine

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OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center Installs New Radiosurgery Varian Edge Machine

OU Health Stephenson Cancer Center has installed the new, state-of-the-art Varian Edge, Linear Accelerator (LINAC) machine. The Varian Edge, which offers the most advanced radiosurgery available, delivers high-energy beams that conform within a millimeter to the size, shape and location of a tumor while sparing nearby healthy tissue from exposure. Stephenson Cancer Center is the first cancer center in Oklahoma with the Varian Edge and will be treating patients with tumors using the highly precise radiotherapy treatment.

The technology allows patients to receive faster and more precise treatments for most types of cancer and offers the highest dosage rate in the industry. It has built-in protective measures to ensure delivery dosages do not exceed the prescribed amount. Varian Edge tracks the position of the tumor in real-time, similar to a GPS, while precisely calculating patient movement and monitoring respiratory motion. The system is so advanced that any shifts or movements by the patient or the tumor during the procedure are compensated for to allow precision and minimize damage to surrounding tissue.

Radiosurgery eliminates tumors like a surgical procedure without the blood loss, stitches or incisions. It was originally used for brain tumors but is now used to treat tumors in the spinal cord, liver, lungs, face and most other areas. The Varian Edge uses high-focus beams that damage the DNA in cancer cells to eradicate them, in one to five sessions, depending on the type and location of the cancer.

New Technology, Better Treatment

The technology delivers higher doses of radiation in fewer treatments, known as stereotactic radiation treatment. Traditionally, radiation is given in smaller doses over a longer period of time, subjecting the patient to side-effects for longer, but many tumors may be eradicated in just one to five treatments using Varian Edge. This allows many patients to enjoy their usual daily activities after treatment.

“This is a huge step for radiation therapy in Stephenson Cancer Center and a big win for our cancer patients. This technology will enable us to treat more patients, faster, with more precision than ever before” said Jerry Jaboin, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A, chair of Radiation Oncology in Stephenson Cancer Center.

With the recent installation of Varian Edge, Stephenson Cancer Center will soon commence patient treatment using the LINAC machine.

Stephenson Cancer Center offers Oklahoma’s largest and most comprehensive program of research-based radiation therapy treatment and access to the state’s only Phase I clinical trials program. The center provides a wide range of internal and external radiation therapy options including brachytherapy and proton therapy.