Finding Miracle Moments — Hope After Traumatic Injury

Finding Miracle Moments — Hope After Traumatic Injury

Dawson Muck is a 23-year-old man with a smile that lights up the room. For some, a life-altering accident will send them down a dark path, but Dawson and his family held tightly to hope and their faith. They looked for ‘miracle moments’ as they embarked on the journey of recovery and healing. These moments fueled and encouraged Dawson to press forward into his trauma survivorship journey.

Playing on the Randall University baseball team was Dawson’s dream come true. He made great memories and lasting friendships as he traveled with the team to play away games.

On April 22, 2022, Dawson was playing outfield at their home stadium in Moore, Oklahoma. It was a windy day — not unusual for an Oklahoma spring day. With the other team at bat, Dawson dove for a ball that was just out of reach. Mid-dive, he collided with another player’s chest and was met with immediate pain.

His dad was watching in the stands and immediately knew something was wrong. Hours later, through a whirlwind of activity and terror, Dawson and his family found themselves in the Trauma ICU at OU Health Medical Center. As his father feared, Dawson’s injuries were very serious and after only a few days, one of Dawson’s doctors broke the news to the Muck family — Dawson’s injuries were irreversible and would leave him paralyzed.

However, in the midst of the pain and the shock, Dawson never lost hope. His faith and his community refused to let him down. His steadfastness and purpose not only kept him strong, but inspired the healthcare team around him.

“It is an honor to walk along side with trauma survivors, like Dawson, through their journey of healing,” said Megan Witt, LCSW, trauma social worker and coordinator for OU Health’s Trauma Survivor Network. “They show me what strength, courage, and resilience looks like.”

After days in the hospital, Dawson began to ask his nurses and therapists if he could go outside. His requests became relentless — he needed to be outdoors. Going outside isn’t exactly easy when hooked up to machines and unable to leave your bed, but knowing that Dawson needed it, his healthcare team made it happen. 

“It was the start of one of our many miracle days,” said Mrs Muck as she recounted their first day outside. “The peace that our family received in the garden in the middle of the hospital was life-giving and that sense of comfort is something that I hope all trauma survivors and their families get to feel during the journey.”

The Muck family had many more ‘miracle moments’ during their journey which included a few months at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Rather than focusing on the hardships and obstacles, Dawson and his family looked for what was good and never gave up hope.

Now back home in Sulphur, Dawson is using his experiences to provide hope and encouragement for others to look for their own miracle moments.

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