Presbyterian Health Foundation Announces Gift to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health

Presbyterian Health Foundation Announces Gift to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health

In a response aimed toward addressing needs of especially vulnerable patient populations, Presbyterian Health Foundation has donated $100,000 to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health. Specifically, these funds will elevate the care of patients being treated for childhood cancers at the Jimmy Everest Center, and patients receiving care at Children’s Heart Center, both services of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

Jon Hayes, President of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, said, “We can never overstate our depth of gratitude for the generous support of donors like Presbyterian Health Foundation. This response to practical needs makes a difference in ways that really count. Advanced technologies and innovative therapies are essential, but comfort is a cornerstone of compassionate care.”

The foundation funding will be used to purchase high-quality infusion chairs for the Jimmy Everest Center, which will maximize the comfort of children undergoing cancer treatment for long periods. Enhanced environments serve to minimize the impact of isolation and other necessary precautions that must be observed to protect patients with weakened immune systems.

The donation also will provide much-needed equipment upgrades for Children’s Heart Center, including a stress exercise system and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring capability. A treadmill, and upright and recumbent ergometer eBikes, represent practical technological advances that are both diagnostic and rehabilitative. In addition, patient rooms will be enhanced with décor that is more child-friendly.

Hayes said the long-standing support from Presbyterian Health Foundation plays a key role to ensure exceptional care and enhance a healing environment. “We’re committed to providing pediatric care that’s second to none,” continued Hayes. “Our kids are the most direct beneficiaries of these enhancements, but philanthropic support helps us better serve entire families who are reassured that every conceivable measure is directed toward the healing and restored health of their loved ones. ‘Little things’ aren’t superficial. They’re often the big things that make hospitalization less fearful and stressful.”