A Message for Our OU Health Community

Dear OU Health Community,

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic and the rise of COVID-19, an old and too familiar adversary is still among us -- hate. If we are to overcome the hate born of racism, we must unite against every expression of it. The events of recent days in our country, and in our own community, are unacceptable. 

Our OU Health culture is based on serving, caring, nurturing and forming meaningful connection. By its nature, our work requires investing in people and community. In every interaction on our grounds or virtually, we care for life, interact with mutual understanding and respect and strive for safety and good health. There is no place for violence, discrimination or hate. In this time, the power of our culture – our PACCT -- must be more than words on a page. We are people committed to healing. We are accountable for our own actions, supporting each other and each patient. We collaborate in order to advance shared goals for inclusion and equity, improving the lives of all people. In every action, we must demonstrate compassion, which is not just knowing, but also doing.We must strive for transparency, because anything less breeds darkness, a place where hate thrives. 

Last January, we all remember Dr. Bernice King’s powerful words when she was on our Oklahoma City campus and shared her father’s vision of a community built upon love, nonviolence and reconciliation. Dr. King spoke of the practice of nonviolence, and how love can become powerful by winning people over to change.  We’ve listened to Dr. King, we remember her words and we will endeavor every day to live up to the challenge that she and her father put forth. 

Meaningful change occurs first in the heart and mind and follows through action. Senseless brutality does not inspire change, but our actions together can cause change and inspire others to make changes. Together, we grieve these national tragedies, and together, we will respond in ways that affirm life.  We encourage each of you to consider the healing actions you can take, and to set a goal of taking those actions and inspiring others to do the same. Our mission statement speaks to the inclusivity we strive towards every day -- through our combined effort we strive to improve the lives of all people. Our commitment to that remains strong, and we encourage you to reflect on those words as we focus on moving forward as a community and a nation. 


Jason Sanders, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President and Provost, OU Health Sciences Center

Chuck Spicer, FACHE, President and CEO, OU Medicine, Inc.