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Urology for Children

Urology for Children

Although urologic conditions in children may appear early in life as part of a fetal ultrasound, many may not show up until much later, for example, during a urinary tract infection or other health situation.

Nationally Recognized Care for Children’s Urologic Health

When you choose OU Health for your child’s urology care, you become part of a multidisciplinary team and will collaborate with expert urologists, pediatricians, surgeons and specialists with extensive education and experience who regularly rank among the best doctors in Oklahoma, the region and the nation.

By working with these board-certified and fellowship-trained urologists at OU Health locations across the Oklahoma City metro and in Edmond, Norman and Tulsa, you can stay close to home while your child receives the latest evidence-based treatment for a pediatric urogenital condition. You also benefit from advanced technology and expertise provided by Oklahoma’s only academic medical program in pediatric urology.

Symptoms of Children’s Urologic & Genital Conditions

While not every pediatric urogenital condition displays recognizable symptoms such as visually abnormal or malformed genitals, talk with your doctor and ask for a referral to OU Health for a possible urologic condition if your child generally feels ill or tired and experiences symptoms such as:

Pediatric Urogenital Conditions

Consult with OU Health’s pediatric urology and urogenital specialists for accurate evaluation and diagnosis of a wide range of common, rare, congenital or endocrine-related conditions your child may experience, including:

Expert Pediatric Urology Treatments

At OU Health, you and your child’s urology care team work together to evaluate your child’s condition and develop a treatment plan to address the specific situation. Your child benefits from access to advanced technology and innovative treatment options, including:

REACH Clinic for Smooth Transition to Adult Care

If your child lives with a complex health condition such as spina bifida or has experienced major reconstructive surgeries for urogenital conditions, you and your child can take advantage of OU Health’s special program designed to help smooth the transition to adult health care services.

In a series of meetings with you, your child, your current OU Health providers and your child’s new adult health providers, everyone gets to know each other in the comfort of familiar surroundings. By sharing experiences, interests and important information with each other, your child and the new provider work out the details for moving satisfactorily into adult health care.

Your Pediatric Urology Care Team

Depend on the expert pediatric urologists at OU Health for comprehensive care of urogenital conditions for newborns through age 18. In a team-based approach that involves you in your child’s care, multiple specialists from a variety of medical disciplines regularly evaluate, review, recommend and treat your child’s specific situation for the best possible outcomes.

A recognized member of the International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS), your OU Health pediatric urology team delivers long-lasting solutions for children’s urinary and fecal incontinence conditions. This innovative treatment typically achieves long-term success rates above 95 percent for relief of bedwetting and daytime incontinence.

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Ask your doctor for a referral or request an appointment with an OU Health pediatric urologist or urogenital specialist.

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